It’s The Weekend – General Musing

It’s been one of those weeks.  Snow storms, cold,  Egypt is in turmoil, and a larger than usual amount of idiocy coming from the Republicans.

But it’s now the weekend!

I wondered where the Republicans kept coming up with so many things that didn’t make sense, and I think I figured it out – they’re listening to Rush Limbaugh too much.

That’s when they’re not listening to Glenn Beck,

Michele Bachmann,

or Sarah Palin.

It’s almost enough to drive you to drink!

But that doesn’t really work.

All I have to do is just remember

and that in 2012 we’ll get a chance to chase them out of office.

Because they’re going off the deep end, and it’ll come back to bite them.

I’ll miss them when it happens, because they’re great for blogging fodder



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15 responses to “It’s The Weekend – General Musing

  1. Ha. “You sound reasonable … time to up my meds”. Very good, Norbrook.

  2. overseasgranny

    Been one heckofa week, hasn’t it?! Can’t remember when we have had so much news…and weather.

  3. Aquagranny911


    You are too young to remember a politically satirical TV program from the ’60’s called “That Was The Week That Was” It didn’t last long but was lots of laughs while it did.

    This has definitely been one of those “Weeks That WAS” Good riddance, I say!

    And I am with those drinking kitties: Here’s a toast,


    • I didn’t get to watch much television when I was young. Living in the Adirondacks, in the days before cable and satellite television meant that reception was a sometimes thing. That’s why even today, it doesn’t bother me to be without television, as long as I have a good book – or a computer. 😀

      • Aquagranny911

        You didn’t miss much and that’s why you are such a smart, erudite and logical thinker. I am grateful that while raising my own children we lived in some “back places” without TV. My Kiddos were busy building forts, playing and reading.

        I’m getting old, Norbrook ,when I start looking back to the “good old days” but I am happy that my own children have chosen to limit my grandchildren’s exposure to TV.

  4. Bobfr

    Thank you, once again, for much laughter and many smiles!! 🙂

  5. VotingPoet

    Love these. Thanks for sharing your creative take. Peace, J

  6. Ho! Excellent ones today — well, yesterday for you, but all this snow and rain and wind and stuff is slowing me down. I especially loved the gif of the cat driving out the bear, then marching proudly back to his human with an air of “And so much for that nuisance. Now where’s my treat?”

    ‘Twas a most beneficial antidote for having made the mistake this morning of reading Our Sarah’s comments on Egypt and President Obama’s handling of the situation. Drat, I have so few brain cells left at my age; why kill any more? Especially by torture.

    Especially when there are so many other, better things to contemplate.

    • Aquagranny911

      I don’t know if you will see this, janicket but you might enjoy a laugh. Years ago we lived for a time in a small town in Northern California. We all were being troubled by a marauding brown bear. Fish and Game was not helping us very much and this bear wondered through town at will.

      We had a small cat at that time who was pretty much of a wimp. One night this bear actually came up on our deck and started to lick the screen of our open sliding door. Before we could close off the door, our passive cat was off the couch spitting, hissing and clawing at the screen. That bear took off so fast he knocked over a stone planter on the deck.

      Cat looked at us with her tail straight in the air and a look that said: “Well, I showed him!” For the rest of the time we lived there, that bear never came on our deck again!

      • LOL, the small but mighty predator defends its territory! I”m sure you’ve seen the famous photo of the small orange cat who treed a large black bear? I’d post it here but for some reason when I try to post a picture here (via Webshots), even though I use the blog-posting code generated there, it doesn’t show up here.

      • overseasgranny

        Cats are pretty smart. I had three strays at one time that had adopted me and one day they were all sleeping on the front porch when a dog spotted one of them and started up the sidewalk intent on evil. The three suddenly woke up, sized up the situation, and without even a meow to coordinate efforts surrounded the dog and attacked. That dog used to come by once in a while after that but always ran like h–l past our house until he was sure he was safe again.

        • Aquagranny911

          Great story! I love cats, always have, even though I love dogs too. I’ve been a parent to both but have to admit I am partial to cats. All our dogs were special but some of the cats who owned me over the years were truly unique.