In the beginning

there was Ceiling Cat

who saw that there was nothing to play with.

So he created the universe, although this was not without some difficulties

but after the difficulties were worked out, the word was spread

and a philosophy was born

But some thought that Ceiling Cat did not exist, and that there were other explanations

Which had unforeseen consequences

And thus it began

Because Basement Cat wants

And causes kittehs to fall into ebul ways

and ruins their lives

But even though Ceiling Cat is disappointed

Ceiling Cat sends help

to keep you from temptation

Although some still deny Ceiling Cat

because they’re on the certain path

For those that accept Ceiling Cat rewards await

with the best being that it’s Friday!



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13 responses to “In the beginning

  1. Thanks, Norbrook.

    Basement cat is not all bad.

  2. overseasgranny

    I love OSHA cat and The Ancient of Days. Please tell Frank that what looks like a shitter one day can be a luxurious swimming pool the next; there is hope!

  3. triciawyse

    I love this diary, sweetie. Thanks so much for letting me know about it. It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

  4. Aquagranny911

    Norbrook, great diary. You made my day. Are you buried under all the white stuff? Friends from MA sent me some wowza pics this AM.

    • No, it was to the south of us. The big excitement today is that the post office in the hamlet 5 miles south of us is burning down. So far, they’ve called in 3 other fire departments as mutual aid. 😦

  5. Aquagranny911

    Wow, big news in the boondocks! Sorry to be flippant, I hope no one is hurt but 3 fire companies for mutual aid is a big deal in rural areas and this will hurt any who may have been depending on mail from that office.
    Putting out fires in some places in the winter is really difficult.

    • No one hurt, but the house next to the post office and the post office itself are gone. 😦 Fire apparently started in the house and spread. Both buildings are really close to each other – maybe about 5 feet separating them. They had to bring in a number of tankers to get the water there.

  6. catdevotee

    I laughed until I cried! Thanks for lightening my day. Especially love the cat in the toilet because it reminds me of a wonderful kitty we used to have whose favorite napping spot was in a sink.

  7. Great stuff, Norbrook. Very niiize ; )