I’m Feeling A Bit Squirrelly Today

Maybe it’s due to a touch of  cabin fever, maybe it’s too much coffee

It could be just the result of  a snack food overdose from the weekend

Or the evil influences of  a malign entity

but I’m just not myself today.

I’m just in a squirrelly mood for some reason.  I guess I need to relax, so after work,  I’ll change into something comfortable

and while I’m waiting for the State of the Union address,  I’ll start  re-watching some Star Wars.  The good ones, that is …

Not the ones that Lucas came up with as a prequel.

Have a few drinks

and some snacks

It could be worse.  I could be over at BPI!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know, they’re going to make me pay for that one!



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8 responses to “I’m Feeling A Bit Squirrelly Today

  1. overseasgranny

    Iz Chipmunk slurping from straw? Smarter than squirlez.

    I used to have a squirrel that came to the door for nutty handouts…until the day he bit the hand that fed him. There is a lesson there somewhere.

  2. Dear Norbrook,

    While I appreciate your showcasing my cousins, I should note that squirrels do not speak in LOLese. Unlike pooties, we study spelling and grammar and write coherent English sentences. That’s why Blogistan Polytechnic Institute made me their roving correspondent and send me around to report on broken news. (I don’t break the news; it’s broken already.)

    I should also note that my underwear was not riding up in that photo. That was taken while I was covering last year’s CPAC convention, after Glenn Beck’s keynote address. His verbal diarrhea gave me the other kind, thus that unfortunate photo.


    The BPI Squirrel

  3. Ceiling Squirrel demand equal time.

  4. By the way, the orangish squirrel saying “You are out of Cheetos” has been stolen “found on the Internets”. I am glad I had my coffee cup on the desk in front of me and not up to my lips. 😀

  5. sjterrid

    Thanks you so much for posting this. It was hysterical.