You Can’t Fix Stupid

One of the interesting things about being on Twitter is to see who is “following” me.  Yes, I do have friends and colleagues as I expected, along with the occasional spammer.  What really amuses me is that I also have several conservatives following me.   Why, I don’t know, because my profile says: “Generalist geek, pragmatic liberal, with a warped sense of humor.”  Which anyone who’s read this blog can say is probably true.      That said, it’s sometimes interesting what comes across the feed, and one of the tweets made me laugh.    Apparently, the reason liberals don’t like various conservative figures is that they don’t like “pretty Christian women.”   That statement  in many ways explains a lot about why there are some of the conservative icons there are.   They’re icons not because of their brains and accomplishments, but because there’s a good segment of the male population who wants to have sex with them.  Personally, I like pretty women too, but I really, really have to have intelligence as part of the package.

I was reminded of this when I saw this article over on Talking Points Memo:  Bachmann:  Repeal the Senate to undermine socialist ‘Obamacare’.  Yes, she stood on the floor of the House and babbled inanely once again.

“This is not symbolic, this is why we were sent here and we will not stop until we repeal a president and put a president in the position of the White House who will repeal this bill, until we repeal the current Senate, put in a Senate that will listen to the American people and repeal this bill,” Bachmann said on the House floor Wednesday afternoon.

This isn’t the first time she’s done this.  The woman has a perfect record when it comes to PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter.  No, it hasn’t gotten better since that one was printed, it’s still a perfect record.   She can’t even get her Constitution right, and considering that she just sat through a reading of it doesn’t say much for her.  But heck, she’s nominally a Christian (except for that whole telling the truth thing) and she looks good.

It’s not just her, though.  I saw the same lines being used every time someone like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, or any of the Fox News female pundits get caught out lying or saying something stupid.   The defense is almost always “we don’t like them because they’re pretty,”   as a justification for why liberals are “attacking them.”   No, it doesn’t have anything to do with it, but as I said, it explains where their defender’s motivations come from.   It explains a lot about why they vote the way they do, but there something they should remember:

Yes, stupid is forever.  You can’t fix it.   Unfortunately, the Republicans seem to be putting a premium on it.



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9 responses to “You Can’t Fix Stupid

  1. overseasgranny

    I learn something new every day.
    ” we will not stop until we repeal a president and put a president in the position of the White House who will repeal this bill, until we repeal the current Senate, put in a Senate that will listen to the American people and repeal this bill,”

    I had never thought about “repealing” a president and the senate, but if Bachmann says so, I guess that’s how it happens.

    And then there is this new position of White House, so I guess we address a President now as Mr. White House? Guess the textbooks are going to have to be repealed…er repudiated…I am so confused.

  2. mem from somerville

    I agree it has to do with the defender’s motivations. They imagine that it’s superficial, like their thoughts are. If you don’t have depth, you can’t envision others who do have complexity and layers of understanding.

    Funny, though, I was trying to think of presumably conservative Christian men that were good looking that have the same reaction. I can’t think of any.

    • The sad part is that I’ve seen the same sort of justification used by conservative women about why liberals don’t like these Republican office holders or pundits. It seems that liberals are ‘jealous’ – the implication being that all liberal women are ugly – and therefore they’re just being ‘hateful.’ 🙄

  3. kittypat

    In my time on this old earth I’ve known “beautiful” people who are downright ugly and “ugly” people who are beautiful.

  4. majii

    I like my friends, associates, and politicians to possess a certain level of intelligence. I get bored and very frustrated when I try to talk to shallow people who have very few critical thinking skills and a limited vocabulary. I may not use all of the words that I know on a daily basis, but I know what they mean when I hear and/or read them. I guess this makes me an elitist, but I don’t plan to apologize for it. I wear it as a badge of honor.

    I was on the Austin Statesman site earlier today, and the topic was Texas’ $25 billion budget deficit. Well, it appears that the deficit is finally getting the full attention of the republican-led legislature and the right-wingers. Very few conservatives were commenting in response to the article, and the few who were were in full “everything will be alright mode.” When I read your post, Norbrook it made me think of Governor Goodhair who dodged any serious questions about the budget deficit last year. He and many republicans are looked upon as viable candidates for political office because they’re either fairly attractive, or they talk “tough.”

    I do believe TX may be one of the first test cases for extreme buyers’ remorse for the tea party crowd and other conservatives who voted for republican candidates in TX. There is already one republican state legislator who is very upset because a community college in HIS district will have its’ funding cut. I can imagine how tough he was talking to get elected. The continuous tax cuts and tax breaks to businesses have borne rotten fruit. All I can say to people who vote on the basis of attractiveness and/or the appearance of strength in a candidate is, be careful what you wish for. You may not want what you thought you wanted when you get it. The comedian in the video clip is absolutely right–you can fix many physical flaws, but you can’t fix stupid. I also think of something Judge Judy said to a beautiful young lady who appeared on her show, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

    • Texas seems to be on a course which says “well, you can’t fix stupid, but you sure can create it.” Bad enough that their education board has put in (or tried to) standards that cause most other states to roll their eyes and created fodder for comedians and bloggers around the world. Now, they’re cutting the funding as well, so I guess they’ll no longer be able to say “thank God for Mississippi.”

  5. Cute video. 😀

    Stupid is forever when you reject science and history.

    • I first saw Ron White when a friend was playing the Blue Collar Comedy Tour for us. The whole “you can’t fix stupid” was just something that stuck with me, along with Bill Engvall’s “here’s your sign.” Pity we can’t do that in real life. 😀