Starting another week

It’s been one of those weekends.  The pipes froze, and it took until last night to get them unfrozen.    Lots and lots of snow to shovel as well, and this morning…

It’s time to get up and moving for work.

And what I’d really rather do is just sleep in

Which is what I wanted to do, but couldn’t.  Now I  have to go to work

and face who knows what problems

And I’ll have to come up with some new blog ideas.  I’m sure that the Republicans will oblige on something.

It’s looking like one of those weeks

But enough of my griping

Oh well, things will work out.



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7 responses to “Starting another week

  1. Ha ha. That kitteh causing the traffic problem in the big city is very cute (and stolen).

    Here’s another snowy day dog story:

    (note: Comment edited to add picture)

  2. Thanks for morning chuckles, Norbrook. I am always astounded at the pootie and woozle pics..
    Jan, maybe you should create some like that with a squirrel?

  3. g

    It’s a mess here too, Norbrook. But your LOL cat gave me a big smile. Gracias. Schools closed today, hopefully tomorrow I can get some work Stay safe, all!

  4. sjterrid

    I love your LOL cats that you post. They always puts me in a good mood, at least for a little while anyway.
    Sorry to hear about your pipes freezing.