Looking at the bright side

On Wednesday, there was a memorial service for those slain in the shooting in Arizona, and the media has been focused there.  Which meant just one thing.

Yes, it happened….

She just had to insert herself into this, somehow.  Her “condolences” weren’t quite that, and her choice of words drew even more attention.  That’s what happens when she thinks.  Which led to responses.


Even her usual supporters had a reaction

But, on the bright side, one thing is becoming increasingly clear



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8 responses to “Looking at the bright side

  1. Thanks for the laughs, Norbrook. But you need a warning label. Instead of NSFW (Not Suitable For Work), you need Not Suitable For Palin-Image-Sensitive-Souls. 😉

  2. overseasgranny

    Thank goodness there were some cats and an otter in there or I would have had eye burn. Yes, it is all about her.

  3. Nina

    Caribou Barbie
    Talking in the studio.
    The snow drifts pile up.

  4. majii

    Loved the pics, Norbrook, especially the last one.

  5. That long lonely journey of the thought got an out-loud guffaw. Well done.