It’s Monday

It’s the beginning of another week.  Yes,

That day of the week where we move from weekend mode to work mode

Try to get enough coffee into yourself to function

and head on out to work

Then you try to come up with a work plan for the rest of the week

but your boss doesn’t like it

and you know it’s going to be




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8 responses to “It’s Monday

  1. Nurse Kelley

    Ha! Pissy calf stolen!
    Happy Monday, Norbrook ~ Thanks for the funnies!

  2. I Love OCD

    This I needed so much. Thanks Norbrook – I woke up in the acid green vortex and didn’t get out until I opened your post!

    • You’re welcome. Normally I try to put something like this together on the weekends, but other events took precedence. I just wanted a break today.

  3. Liberal Librarian

    Wonderful. We adopted a pootie this weekend, but she as yet hasn’t gotten acclimated to the other cats. My girlfriend just called, and the new one is hiding under the guest bed and hissing at all and sundry. The funny thing is that our original cats aren’t hissing or especially perturbed; they merely seem curious, which is very much out of character for them. Hopefully Emma will get over her fear and join our slightly ramshackle family.

  4. dannie22

    Thanks for the funnies 😉