The New Congress – Some Thoughts

The Republican’s are taking control of the House of Representatives this year, and looking forward to their “turn” in power

After 4 years out of power, they come in with their agenda, which remarkably look s just like their old one.

First up on the agenda is repealing the healthcare reform bill

and of course, pandering to their base.  Which means at least one “investigation” into Obama’s birth certificate, which will just prove that birther’s are idiots.

We can also expect the usual jockeying for time in the media and attempts to position themselves as “leaders of the party”, in particular more from Sarah Palin

Adding to the fun will be the tension between the Tea Party faction

and the old-school corporate interest factions

which will end up hurting them in the public’s eye

So enjoy it, Republicans.



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13 responses to “The New Congress – Some Thoughts

  1. Hilarious, Norbrook. We’re going to need every ounce of humor we can muster in the next 2 years.

  2. majii

    I think they will overplay their hand. They think that because they control the H. of Rs, that is a mandate to do whatever THEY want to do. They have no plan to create jobs and/or aid in the nation’s economic recovery. I think this will be their Achilles Heel because there are still too many unemployed Americans who want jobs, there are too many unemployed Americans who most likely will need another extension of their unemployment benefits, there are still too many Americans in danger of losing their homes, and there are still too many Americans living in poverty.

    If the republicans refuse to address these issues, among others, and decide to embark on a series of witch hunts (which they’ve made very clear they plan to do,) I don’t think they’ll like facing the consequences of their failure to address them. They’ve had almost 2 years during which they’ve refused to willingly govern and/or move on any piece of legislation, except the tax cut compromise that benefits many of them. PBO is correct when he says they’ll need to step up to the plate and govern. They can no longer blame it on the president or the “democrat” majority in Congress the way they’ve done since January 2010.

    Cantor’s new schedule for the House also signals potential problems for the republicans, too. They will not be spending as much time working. I’ve read some bloggers on the left who say this is a “brilliant” strategy and is intended to help republicans maintain their majority in the house in 2012. I don’t see it this way because I think that the millions of Americans who are hurting and struggling to make it are expecting them to do “something” to help them, and when it doesn’t happen, I believe that it will hurt them at the polls in 2012.

    The republicans may be punch drunk about their electoral success in the November 2010 elections, but I think that if they fail to use it wisely, they will most likely experience a backlash in 2012. Somehow, this unfolding drama bears a strong resemblance to the way the GOP behaved in the 1990s. Newt thought he had a foolproof plan for building a permanent GOP majority in Congress, and I remember how well that turned out for them. If they were good students of history, they’d know that in tough economic times, it’s better to work to improve the economy than it is to shirk one’s responsibilities and give voters the impression that their problems aren’t important enough to spend time working on solutions to ameliorate them.

    • Everything about their statements over the past two months has shown me that they seriously misread what the electorate’s mood was, and why they were able to take back the House. They’re going to do a lot of posturing, and throwing of “red meat” to the various groups, and in the end, all they’ll have accomplished is to seriously piss off the electorate at them, and remind everyone of why they were swept out in 2006 and 2008.

      • Bob

        That’s the key insight, Norbrook. They are going to remind EVERYONE why they were swept out in 06 and 08 and the major advantage we have is that the sitting President, this time, is Barack Obama and we all know how well he campaigns – and now the world also knows how well he Governs.

        Thank you for the fun blog post, as well.

    • “but I think that if they fail to use it wisely, ”


      • majii

        I know it’s nearly impossible for them to accomplish, revgerry, so, I was trying to be “generous.” I was around in the 1990s when they pulled the same stunt, and I know the likely outcome.

  3. sjterrid

    Majji what a great comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. I saw on another blog this morning, bpicampus , that the republicans calender schedule shows they only were planning to be in Washington for around 180 days. (I don’t remember the exact number.)
    Norbrook I love the photos and captions.

  4. Suzanne Holland

    Couldn’t get through my day w/o your blog!! But, and realize I’m most probably a great deal older than all of you, why, why are these clowns always voted back in? What kind of stupid keeps going into the polling booth and says, yes, I trust them this time? Seriously, I know so much can be blamed on our idiot media, or what passes for them, but why doesn’t self-preservation ever kick in? Seriously, why?

    • Dorothy Rissman

      Suzanne, I am with you. I don’t really think the public hates the democrats, but I do think the repugs did a good snow job on your average voters. Death Panels, this country is going broke, that one is a Kenyan, on and on.

      I feel certain that if the economy was not so bad, the loses would have been a lot less.

  5. Dorothy Rissman

    Norbrook, I love to laugh and a couple of these are gold. In fact I almost spit some delicious red wine on the screen while looking at the lobbyist photo.
    You are good for our spirits.