How’s that mopey screamy thing working out for you?

There’s a funny – and painfully true – video on YouTube about what you’ll see on some of the “progressive” blogs these days

That goes along with the numerous statements you see from the Professional Left  – i.e.; the people who get  paid to let everyone know what “the Left” thinks.  Which is, of course, that the President is a miserable failure, and he has (gasp!) “lost them!”  Because after all, they’re speaking for “The Base. TM

Back in the primaries, there were a lot of Democratic candidates.  Some of the more rabid ones were not just disappointed with losing, they went off the deep end.   They became what were known as PUMAs, or “Party Unity My Ass.”    Remember this lady?

Some of them even jumped onto the McCain campaign, since they couldn’t stomach that their candidate lost.   They were a very small minority,  although they made for some good press for the McCain campaign.    The vast majority of people who had supported one of the other candidates -principally Hillary – indulged in some understandable disappointment, recriminations,  and bitterness,  then put it behind them and got behind the Party’s candidate.

After the election,  most people forgot about all that, in the glow of victory and the determination to get to work.  Not the PUMA’s , though. They never let it go, and unfortunately, they were quite often members of the Professional Left.   It didn’t take long for them to reappear,  this time under the guise of “pushing” or “criticizing” the President.   A disinterested observer would call it blatantly attacking him.    But, you see, they kept telling everyone he was losing them.   It would have helped if they’d been with him in the first place, but still, he’s losing them.    They never let go of their bitterness over their candidate losing.  They keep indulging in “what if” games, forgetting that the candidates they mention most often ran on virtually the same platform!  Oh, they changed some emphasis, pushed something that one or the other candidates weren’t. but if you come right down to it, most of the time it was “flip a coin” when it came choosing a candidate on a specific policy.    So any screams of “betrayal” from them are either the result of not paying attention to the candidate’s platform, or delusion.

The PUMAs found their soul mates – and allies – in the people who held to a far left philosophy, as well as the more extreme members of single-issue groups.  They had convinced themselves that President Obama was going to magically change everything overnight, and implement their agenda exactly as they wanted it right off the bat.  When reality,  in the form of a determined to obstruct Republican Party minority and the normal difficulties in moving agendas struck, they decided that they’d been betrayed as well.   Hence, the screams of rage.

Any number of people who have actually looked at what President Obama, and the 111’th Congress, have achieved in the past two years, are amazed.  By any measure, more has been accomplished, more progressive agenda items have been enacted, than in any two year period in history.

That’s over the determined opposition of the Republican Party in most cases.    All we have to do is look at the past month, and we can see  historic legislation being passed.  But what this last month has made clear  is that the Professional Left and the frustrati will never be satisfied.  Ever.  It wouldn’t have mattered if their agenda was passed when they wanted it and how they wanted it done. They’d still be unhappy.  They’d bitch and moan about something. Their objection to the President is not based on reality, or lack of action.  It’s based on their dislike – even outright hatred – of him.    What’s even clearer?  They’re not the base.  They never have been.  They’re a small group that makes a lot of noise, whose interest in progress – in progressive values – is  based on their desire to have their own way, and only their own way, along with a rage that they’re not getting the influence they feel they “deserve.”

What they deserve is to be identified as what they are.  A small fringe element of the Democratic Party,  believing themselves to be progressive radicals, whose actual capabilities are limited to making a lot of noise and not much else.   They don’t care if they actually accomplish anything, because they have a purity of belief.  The real base of the Party, the real liberals and progressives, are unsurprisingly turning out to be pragmatic.  They recognize how much has been done, how much has been accomplished.  100% happy?  No, but overall they’re pleased with this President.  As that realization sets in, the attention is shifting away from the frustrati.  They’ll scream louder hoping to get attention back, and just look more like the fringe they are.



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  1. I think that what the frustrati really wants is not successful passage of progressive legislation and implementation of progressive policies. What they want is to be martyrs. They don’t want Democrats who know how to work with others to get things done. They want liberal ideologues who stridently demand that everything be done according to the liberal ideal. They want politicians who refuse to compromise and who demonize anyone who dares to suggest it. They want someone who will “fight” for the triumph of progressivism over every other ideology.

    That this strategy would lead to losses every single time is something they either don’t accept or don’t mind. To them, it is the “willingness to fight” that is important. Results are, at best, a secondary concern.

    • That’s why I found their whining about “the beatings” – as in “the beatings will continue until morale improves” funny. Seriously, they love being beaten. They’re masochists, in that it just fuels their sense of righteousness without actually having to do anything.

      They were very upset with me over at Democratic Underground when I took that and flipped it – I said “I don’t care about your morale. I just plan on keeping up the beating until you get a clue or shut the fuck up. Either one works for me.”

      • Fonsia

        Their glory days were when Bush was in power. They couldn’t actually do anything, but their (then justifiable) bitching and moaning put them in prominent positions on the Left.

        Turns out they have no other strategy. The need to maintain their power on the Left trumps all principle. And there’s the PUMA thing. Frankly, I think some of the former Edwards supporters find it emotionally necessary to prove to the Obama supporters that we were even more wrong than they were.

        • Much what I think. I’ve been the president of various organizations. One of the nastiest things I used to do to people when they had a “bright idea” that they wanted (read: demanded) the organization to do, was to go “Fine, good idea! You’re in charge of it.” Very interesting at how often they suddenly came up change of heart, or if not, the next time they had a bright idea they’d broach it as a suggestion that the organization might want to consider. It’s easy to have ideas and demand that someone else “do something.” It’s another thing entirely to put those ideas into practice and actually do the work involved. Lots of sidewalk superintendents, few construction workers.

  2. majii

    Thanks for the video of the woman from NY, Norbrook. I’d never seen it before now. Seeing it tells me something I’ve suspected about some of the members of the frustrati for quite some time now, and it’s good to have my suspicions confirmed once and for all. I’m not often wrong when I suspect that certain things are definitely related to the attempts of the frustrati to destroy the president, and they have nothing to do with how well/poorly they think he’s performing as POTUS. I know s*it throwing for the sake of s*it throwing when I see it.

    If the frustrati didn’t know it before, they should know it by now. They have loud mouths and many complaints but little influence over mainstream liberals.

    • It’s something that got some play during the election back in 2008, and it was one of the great examples of the PUMA mentality. A lot of them just jumped the rails when the reality that Hillary had lost hit.

      Yes, the rhetoric is the same, and you can see the echoes from that time – note that Jane Hamsher was a rabid Hillary supporter.

  3. As a member of the fringe, i’d like to point out that the Afghanistan war has been escalated, that Gitmo is still open, that Wall Street is as corrupt as ever and the economic policy makers were complicit in the fail,that no one that crashed the world economy has gone to jail, the patriot act is being enforced at least as rigidly as it was in the Bush era, and the ruinous tax policy is in effect for at least 2 more years..Obama got his START treaty ratified and DADT was overturned. Lets not act like we have a progressive leader in the President but we really need one.

    • Egads, you’re right!


      Obama is exactly like Bush!

    • Yes, as if we were still in combat operations in Iraq, we didn’t need to clean up the mess that Bush left in Afghanistan, Congress wasn’t doing everything it could to keep Gitmo open, and we should come up with some laws that we could use just throw people in jail for on Wall Street. Yup. total fail.

      You’ve just come up with a listing of “I”m going to bitch and whine about the President” as if Congress, and the Republicans had nothing to do with it. Good luck with finding a primary opponent there.

    • juturna

      Surely you’ve heard of that little thing called Congress?

      And yes, we do have a progressive President so we’re going to act like it. Deal.

    • gn

      Every single concern that you listed is a valid one, if not somewhat overstated. This however doesn’t negate the positive changes which have been reenacted. To me, progressive means “makes progress.” It’s beyond dispute that this President has done so.

      Wishing you and yours the best of holidays.

      • The problem with the concern, such as was listed falls apart on a few small problems:
        1) The President never promised to be out of Afghanistan immediately at any point during the campaign or during his first years in office. If anything, he very clearly pointed to Afghanistan on a number of occasions as an example of where we should have been focused, both militarily and diplomatically.
        2) He has been trying to close Gitmo, but there are very real problems with trying to find someone to take said detainees, as well as the intransigence of Congress (and a number of jurisdictions) towards closure.
        3) Just saying bankers should be thrown in jail because you think they did something illegal doesn’t mean that they did. You have to build a criminal case pointing to specific laws that were broken. It’s not a wish, and no, passing a law now wouldn’t help, since any law that applies ex post facto criminal sanctions is inherently unconstitutional.
        4) I am not particularly happy about the Patriot Act, and wish it had been repealed. I also recognize that as of now, it is the law, and yes, the government is going to enforce it. Any changes are going to have to wait until after 2012, because there’s no chance in hell of it getting repealed for the next two years.

        Those are why I get rather curt with the frustrati. They bring up specious reasons to be upset with the President over something he either a) never promised to do; b) is facing major obstacles in doing; or c) constitute a wish.

        • gn

          Can’t argue with that at all; broken down like a fraction.

          • Thanks. As I said, it’s one thing to criticize based on a real issue, and what should have been done based on what was in the platform or promised. What the frustrati have had a bad habit of doing is coming up with things they’re upset about and bitch about.

            I saw this after the election as well:

            So they’re slamming the President for failing to support non-existent progressives against Blue Dogs in primaries that didn’t happen.

        • Nathan Katungi

          Bravo! Thanks for exposing the “frustrati” for their constant resort to “specious reasons” to attack and demonize this President.

    • Eric

      Got any ideas as to how you are gonna acheive this?

    • TrumpDog

      Lets not act like we have a progressive leader in the President but we really need one

      Actually, lets not act as if many on the fringe are progressive themselves, when they clearly aren’t.
      Progressives celebrate winning battles. They don’t sit and moan and whine more.
      The fringe will never ever be happy. Even if all of what you posted were done, they would still piss and complain that it wast’ done fast enough, smart enough or right enough for them.

      That’s what annoys me about you fringe. It seems nothing is ever good enough.

      I also don’t get the “he’s not a progressive leader!” cry. So what. I and a lot of people I know did not vote for him to be a “progressive leader” . We voted for a man that would stay calm amid all the chaos and do what is best for the country. He’s doing that and then some. And newsflash: he still has two more years, so lets not act like his presidency has ended.

      Despite the constant claims otherwise, President Obama has gotten many things done in the two short years he’s been in office. This is despite the roadblocks put up by the GOP and the constant kneecapping from the fringe. You’ve listed six things you consider not done. Put that list next to his accomplishments so far. Why is there such a concerted effort to diminish that?

  4. Bob

    A perfect summary:

    “A small fringe element of the Democratic Party, believing themselves to be progressive radicals, whose actual capabilities are limited to making a lot of noise and not much else. They don’t care if they actually accomplish anything, because they have a purity of belief. ”

    Fortunately we have a President for All Americans who is entirely focused on doing as much good each day, for each of those Americans as he can. And, fortunately, he pays zero attention to the frustrati, though he certainly has helped each of them in material ways, just as he has helped every other American by the legislation his signature has transformed into law.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas, Norbook.


  5. gn

    I love that video. Norbrook, thanks for your wonderful, measured, and analyses shared with us this year. We might not agree totally on all matters, but I personally admire your depth of knowledge and consistency.

    Oh, and POTUS is a selloutprostitutionwhore; let’s see where is my list /clears throat:
    *People still act like zoo animals at the Dishes sushi buffet on Fridays; is it really worth pushing a fellow human being out of the way in order to be first to attack a tray of sushi?

    *the subway service remains asshattical

    *I’m still having nightmares here and there that I smoked a cigarette although I quit cold turkey more than a year ago 😦

    *the author of the most epic sci fi vampire book ever written (Fledgling) passed away and there will thus be no sequel

    *POTUS has failed to recognize my greatness and stepped down in favor of appointing me Mistress of the Universe


    Happy Holidays everyone!

  6. TrumpDog

    The Manic Progressive video still cracks me up.
    Great post, Norbrook 🙂

  7. Good post. FYI, I’ve compiled a list of the key progressive victories that we’ve had under President Obama and the Democratic Congress in 2009 and 2010. It is quite long, and should undermine the continued whining from the frustrati.

  8. soonergrunt

    There’s a reason I only post in the IGTNT community at GOS anymore.
    I don’t think personally that KOS is one of the frustrati. I think he’s too busy trying to become one of the power brokers in the party to care about what his own site has become. He’s actually pretty pragmatic, but you are right about how the site went down hill when he made Meteor Blades the community moderator and made Joan McCarter a front pager. Between MB’s playing favorites and pulling rules out of his ass, and her non-stop anti-middle, anti-pragmatic rants it pretty much became open season on anyone who wasn’t a disaffected Edwards-supporter or Hillary-supporter.

    • Hey sg, good to see you here! I don’t know if Kos is personally a frustrati, although he’s able to “talk the talk” enough. What I definitely think is he realized that playing the outrage card drives page views, so he’s let MB and McJoan run with it. As long as the ad dollars come in, he’ll keep on that track.

  9. If the real progressives do not gripe and moan, believe me, the GOP will steamroll the progressive agenda..All the Blanche Lincoln Democrats need to fear us or be removed and that include Barrack Obama

    • There’s a difference between griping and moaning, and specious attacks with no basis in reality, which is what you and others like you have been doing. No one fears you because you have proven you’re incapable of doing jack shit when it comes to removing anyone. You nitwits didn’t successfully primary Blanche Lincoln. You couldn’t mount primary challenges against the Blue Dogs. The elections where you decided to “help” ended up being squeakers (Grivalda) or losses (Grayson). You have no power or organization outside of a few small localities. That’s what was just shown in 2010. So spare me the posturing. Oh, and it’s “Barack,” not “Barrack”. You can’t even spell the name right.

    • The “real progressives” are not the frustrati. Also, no one fears the merely pathetic.

    • TrumpDog

      If the real progressives do not gripe and moan, believe me, the GOP will steamroll the progressive agenda

      Except that’s all people like you do is piss and moan.

      All the Blanche Lincoln Democrats need to fear us or be removed and that include Barrack Obama

      Oh please. The fact that President Obama has gotten things done despite people like you is a testament to your sides power. Especially since all “real progressives” really do is piss and moan behind computer screens.

  10. To Norbrook: Sorry i misspelled Barack Obama but I can spell Ron Paul… He is truly anti-war, anti-Federal Reserve, and pro clean government. That would be a tremendous pro-progressive step forward. Dennis Kusinich’s district is endangered by redistricting and he would make a great running mate. In a 4 or 5 way presidential race this ticket would have an excellent chance to win..btw Blanche Lincoln will be unemployed on January 5th ..That is a success!

    • LOL. Seriously. You’re off the rails if you think Ron Paul is a “progressive.” A hard-core libertarian, yes. That’s what I mean when I say the frustrati are not based in reality.

      Right, so Blanche Lincoln has been replaced with in the Senate with a Tea Party Republican. You’re using the “we must destroy the village in order to save it” mentality when it comes to politics.

      • I admit have a few problems with Ron Paul’s ideology. However ending the war that is sucking resources at the rate of a billion per week is a progressive idea. Cleaning up Wall Street that has impoverished millions of Americans is a progressive idea. Punishing the guilty who gambled with America’s mortgages is a progressive idea. Stop rationalizing for the Democrats that support this system. There is a huge army of Progressives and Libertarians and regular folks that are waking up to the fact that the new boss is the same as the old boss.
        I voted for Obama and remained Loyal as he pushed his agenda . Then i saw in the health care fight and the wall street fight who the winners really were . These bankers and insurance men would have won under a McCain administration. We do not need Democrats that act like Republicans.
        I was crying like Oprah on election night 2008 I was so happy that change was on the way. well it is not coming .Not from this President.

        • You should have a lotof problems with Ron Paul’s ideology, because much of it does not involve ” cleaning up Wall Street.” Reality check for you again. You’ve tried “Wall Street” in your mind, and found them guilty. Therefore you want to “punish” them. We have things called laws, and a Constitution. What that means is that if you can’t prove – beyond reasonable doubt – that they broke a law, you don’t get to do punish them. Criminal investigations take time. Even if you were to pass laws to outlaw now what they’ve did, you still couldn’t do anything to them. You can’t make a criminal law retroactive – that’s right there in the Constitution.

          You are a typical frustrati. You’re in a fantasy world. Seriously. You never read the platform, and apparently you never listened to the speeches where Obama said things would be hard. You have this magical idea that things were going to be magically better overnight, that the President had this secret agenda which was exactly the same as yours, and everything was going to get better. Reality is that I knew that it was going to be years to get things done. You’re full of shit, and you’ve been caught out so far in several misrepresentations already. The frustrati are not the base, they are not powerful, and they’ve already demonstrated that they’re fucking incompetent when it comes to political action.

          • TrumpDog

            I imagine if this poster’s dream of Paul being president actually happened, he’d be in for a huge disappointment.
            On one hand he “has a few problems with Ron Paul’s ideaology”, but actually believes Paul would be a “pro-progressive”. I call that delusional thinking.

            I have doubts about someone that says they were “Loyal” while Obama “pushed his agenda” and “cried like Oprah”. Something just seems odd with those statements.

        • Norbrook has far more patience than I. I never bother to argue with someone who says that they were “loyal to Obama until…” or who says that they now support some other candidate because that person allegedly holds two or three positions they agree with and that makes them “more progressive than Obama.”

          Such statements tell me all I need to know about how deep a thinker the person really is and how honestly committed they are to liberal principles. Which is to say, not very, on either count.

          • I can tell you how “deep” a thinker they are: Not very. They have on or two issues that to them define “progressive.” They can’t be bothered to look up the candidate’s whose name they just threw out positions, except for hearing some past statements on their particular pet issue. Even more, they can’t be bothered to think past those to assessing the likelihood of getting those implemented.

    • TrumpDog

      Interesting you mention Paul and not Grayson or Weiner or someone in the Democratic party…

      In a 4 or 5 way presidential race this ticket would have an excellent chance to win.

      Paul and Kucinich?
      Please contact them with that idea. I’d love to hear their response to you.

  11. Ok i am almost finished arguing with the deluded Obama supporters ..Just let me say a few more things. Politics as you imagined it is over. Left /right divisions are just a strategic devise to provide cover for the true rulers. We will soon see how powerful a progressive /libertarian coalition is. In the meantime i invite you to read a post on Democratic Underground by Time for change×69610 Maybe you will see that principles matter more than blindly following someone just because he calls himself a Democrat. Thank You for listening

    • Right. I’m very much a realist. I also know that a “libertarian+progressive coalition” is doomed to failure within short order, since there are too many incompatible goals. You’ll be ripping each other apart before any of you can do jack shit. You can run over and whine about me at DU, they’ve already had to lock up a thread after they screamed about one of my posts here. 😆

      Run along now, and enjoy your little fantasy game. The adults will get busy on implementing a progressive agenda.

  12. Yes, dogsicle, please do run along with your frustrati friends and work on that “progressive/libertarian coalition.” That should keep you guys occupied while the grownups work on actual accomplishments.

  13. I am out a here. But let us not be angry or burn any bridges because 5 minutes after the State of the Union speech, you will see how much Obama’s agenda lines up with Boehner and McConnell and not with Sherrod Brown or Bernie Sanders.You Lieberman Democrats have a nice Early January and i will talk to you again after SoU.

    • Please don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 😆 Oh, and your link has been edited out of your comment.

      Tell you what, why don’t you get back to us when that “powerful libertarian and progressive coalition” manages to get together. Or when you do something like push the Democratic Party in your state to the left. Otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke.

      • TrumpDog

        Tell you what, why don’t you get back to us when that “powerful libertarian and progressive coalition” manages to get together. Or when you do something like push the Democratic Party in your state to the left.

        I really don’t think dogpile ‘s interest was truly in the Democratic Party. He seemed to be more interested in pushing Libertarian Ideology. Ron Paul? I mean, really, Ron Paul???

        There is a concerted effort by the teanuts and Libertarians to disrupt and steer conversation away from interests of Democrats. I’m seeing it more and more on various message boards.

        • There are certain overlaps, just as there are with all political philosophies. But to try to point to Ron Paul as a good option for progressives just is off the complete deep end. Dogcicle is simply another one of the shallow thinking frustrati who can’t be bothered to face reality.

          • Beulahmo

            “Dogcicle is simply another one of the shallow thinking frustrati who can’t be bothered to face reality.”

            You may be right, Norbrook, but I’m less inclined to draw such a generous (yes, generous) conclusion about self-proclaimed progressives who are still in ANY way sympathetic to Ron Paul. The man is no purist, and it should be obvious to anyone who spends more than a minute looking at his background.

            This dude has repeatedly allied himself with (or openly embraced the positions of) obvious racists and anti-semites. I am not attempting to smear Paul with guilt-by-association tactics. I am making the point that, because of these alliances, Paul is — at BEST — a political opportunist. Putting faith in his ideological “purity” is therefore ridiculous. I think people who enthusiastically jump on Paul’s bandwagon are *willfully* ignorant about his lack of purity. Or worse.

  14. @Beulahmo – I called pupsicle shallow thinking because it’s obvious they’ve never looked at any of the same things you and I have.

    There are times when I agree with Ron Paul, but that’s on a limited set of issues that you’d find quite a few people who would. It’s when you get beyond that – the sum and total – that you realize there are fundamental disagreements. The whole idea of a “Paul/Kucinich” ticket is ridiculous on its face because of that. You’re talking maybe a 20% overlap in positions (being generous).

    That’s what I see in a lot of the frustrati. They have their own agenda, and they pick and choose statements or positions from various politicians and think that it means those politicians agree with them on everything. Then they’re disappointed and lash out when it turns out they don’t.