Things I’ve learned from the Internet

It’s a great educational tool, for example, I would never (despite taking anatomy & physiology classes) have known this one

Or that there are rules that aren’t taught in schools

Now I’m learning that Christmas is coming, and with it proper behavior about gifts

and that no matter how much we want to guess what we got for a present, restraint is a good idea

Yes,  the holiday season does has its annoyances

besides the weather

and that some traditions are probably better not started

we should still remember that there are those who are not as fortunate

and remember what’s important



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6 responses to “Things I’ve learned from the Internet

  1. LOL, Norbrook. I love the 4 muscles to smack you. Not because I am a violent person but because it is a paraprosdokian (a new word I learned just recently.

    Like this:

    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright
    until you hear them speak.

  2. Dorothy Rissman

    the last photo is what we all want. thank you norbrook.

  3. mali muso

    awww, i love lolcats. happy holidays!

  4. Oh ho ho ho! I adore that “the children felt guilty” one. The look on that poor kitten’s face is just pricelessly right.

  5. Aquagranny911

    Great diary and so many LOL’s Thanks for this and have a great holiday with all those you love. ♥