Saturday Morning and No Ambition

I thought I was going to do something today that would be a wonderfully detailed, scathing look at the goings on elsewhere around the net and issuing a stirring call to action.

No, it’s not happening.

It’s one of those days…

The weather isn’t calculated to make me ambitious either

The television and radio stations are doing holiday stuff

I could always swing by the purists sites on the right or the left, I’m sure they must be doing something

but I just can’t work up the ambition at the moment.  I know you’re wondering

I know I should put something up, but I just have no ambition.  This will have to do.



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20 responses to “Saturday Morning and No Ambition

  1. Woo hoo. LOLcats on a Saturday morning. My new favorite destination.

    • I actually do have some serious stuff I’m working up for BWN and possibly here. I’m just trying to work up the ambition – or suck down enough coffee – to get on it and finish up. 🙂

  2. Aquagranny911

    Love it! Great LOL’s on a droopy Saturday morn.

    I have presents to wrap, baking to do, house is a wreck, family arriving on Thursday and I’m sitting here enjoying your diary.

    ♥ to you for cheering my day. Now, I gotta go and try to be productive and also pragmatic, LOL.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 I have to finish cleaning, do the dishes, and my landlord just found a leak from the roof, fixing which will entail cutting a hole in my bathroom wall tomorrow. (sigh) That’s besides the snow and stuff.

  3. Dorothy Rissman

    I particularly like the last photo. Reminds me coming home passing out. Of course my passing out had to with partying. Thanks

    • Oh, I remember – well, not really, it’s rather hazy – those nights. And the next morning…

      • I do this every day …

        • Oops. Photos blocked. Drat.

          • You have to use the coding for it. On the main WordPress, it doesn’t let you set it so you can insert the photos or give you the nice “editing tools” the stand-alone version does.

          • Aha. I see. I have a site also that I use for testing things and they are definitely different beasts. The plugin options are limited. I did not realize that the photo thing was part of it.

            I do use it to compose for other blog sites because I love the WordPress Editor.

            Even full blown WP sites restrict video. I suspect it is because you would not want your peeps to leave videos in comments or posts that would get you thrown in jail. 😉

          • I can do it here from the “manage comments” side. Otherwise, I have to use the html coding:
            img src=”” alt=”” width=”400″ / (with the “” brackets on either end.) It’s a little tricky, but it works nicely. 🙂 There are some things I’m still trying to get through on WordPress that aren’t quite as accessible as I’d like. Then again, I’m not paying for this site, so I can’t complain too much.

          • Ok. I am finally done messing up your blog. I have the secret codes.

  4. LOL!

    That “Cry havoc…” one got an out-loud guffaw.

  5. taiping1

    How about a chesire cat grin for the real of DADT and a sulk for the tyranny of the minority on the DREAM act. Let’s hope START passes soon. Your photos are worth 1000s of words! Thanks for the smidgeon of ambition that produced this diary.