As I mentioned in my previous posting, traffic here has gotten much higher than I ever expected when I started this blog.  Thanks to everyone who is visiting, and welcome!  I’m not the only one who’s been seeing an increase in traffic, and as I mentioned elsewhere, I’m finding new “pragmatic liberal” sites cropping up all the time.  Most of them have been started by old acquaintances from elsewhere around the web.    The result is that my blogroll is getting rather large, and even I have some trouble keeping up with “who’s doing what.”

That’s why there’s a new site on my blogroll which I recommend checking out – Pragmatic NewsProgressive Blogs for the Liberal Realist.  It’s been started by Leanne from Blue Wave News, and it’s a newsfeed aggregator of the latest entries from a group of pragmatic liberal sites.  I strongly endorse it. 🙂  It’s in its early stages now, but it looks to be a very easy way to check and see if something new is up, or what’s happening around the various blogs.   You might notice I’ve added an RSS feed on the left-hand side for Blue Wave News.  That’s the other site I write for, and I do recommend you check it out, and feel free to comment.

For those of you who comment here, again, welcome and thank you.  It’s in the “guidelines and stuff” tab here, but if you don’t see a comment appear right away, it’s because your first comment here has to be approved.  I set that up as a spam protection, because even though WordPress has pretty good spam filters, they weren’t perfect.  After the first time, you shouldn’t have to wait.

This blog is coming up on its first anniversary shortly, so you may see some changes in the “look” as I start tinkering with the various templates WordPress makes available.  They keep adding new ones all the time, so I’m going to be doing some experimentation.



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15 responses to “Administrivia

  1. Ah, you dang pragmatic liberals always sticking together. 😉

  2. catdevotee

    Glad to hear your traffic is up – I’m doing my part! 🙂

  3. Aquagranny911

    Thanks Norbrook. I have visited the pragmaticnews web site and I really like it. I’ve now bookmarked it.

  4. majii

    Thanks, Norbrook,

    I can use all of the pragmatism I can get.

  5. pamelabrown

    Bookmarked Norbrook. Thanks for calling it to our attention.

  6. makesense4tulips

    Yes you will have even more traffic, we will be busy helping this president. The 112th congress will now have deal with governing and we will definitely hold them accountable. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  7. Slownomad

    Thanks for your blog and the Pragmatic News link! I’ll definitely check it out. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting an alternative to the Orange Place and now I’ve got it. Lots of it, actually.

  8. revgerry

    Thanks, Norbrook, I’ve been hoping someone would do something like this. All week I have been having an adventure od delightful discovery, but i find it takes my whole day just to check all the new sites for noew posts.

    BTW, here’s a feel-good post on huffpo that reflects what O believe would be the highest form of progressive philosophy:

    • I’m in the same boat, since as more and more sites containing “pragmatic liberals” appear, it’s getting hard to keep up with who’s doing what, and what’s new.

      Now, just to make life difficult 😀 I also have a few “pragmatic conservative” blogs listed – Hated for Plainly Speaking is one of them.

  9. revgerry

    It’s all good. I just wrote to dee.ann.bee to see if she could put a chatroom on her site to help us all share. One big missing from the Big Orange is the ability to get a whole community to see something new and interesting at once. Right now if I have something to share, I have to comment in a whole bunch of open threads.

    I also asked if there were any way to add specific orange communities (IGTNT) to her (I assume) feed.

    • revgerry

      She said no on IGTNT, did not want to appear in support of the larger kos community.. I just wrote to the team to see if they would consider opening an independent IGTNT blog they would crosspost on kos, the way eclectablog does his.

  10. revgerry

    BTW, just went over to “Hated for Plainly Speaking” and LOVE the post in immigration-

    The post should be widely distributed amongst “our side” (actually, I don’t think of anyone with an open heart as not being on our side…as I wrote somewhere today, I think of progressivism being on a whole other axis than left vs right.

  11. Suzanne Holland

    I’m doing my best to increase your traffic….great site!!!!