Monday – Time to Look Around The Insane Asylum

The bad thing about miserable weather on a weekend is that you can’t do much of what you were planning on doing.  The good thing about it is that you can, if you’re a blogger, figure out something to do with the time, at least if the Internet connection holds up.   Which means looking around the news and blogs, and realizing that there are a lot of people who have gone off the rails on the crazy train.  (Yes, I like Ozzy)    So…

Oh yes, a lot!

There’s the complete meltdown on the part of the “professional Left,” the “frustrati,” and some members of Congress over the President’s compromise on tax bill.  Rather than do something like … read it … they just heard the words “compromise” in combination with Republicans and went off.   One group that went really off the deep end was a group called “Protest Obama.

it is by now painfully obvious that the predictions of even the most sober Obama supporters were overly optimistic. Rather than an ally, the administration has shown itself to be an implacable enemy of reform

Right.  Of course, who they’re appealing to as the “Establishment Left” turn out to be a bunch of columnists, film makers, and a politician who knows better.  It turns out as you read through it, as well as who “signed” it, they’re mostly not quite there former (or current) Marxists or other socialists.  Besides the little problem that the people who they’re appealing to have no real ability to do anything – they’re noisy, but remarkably lacking in any real power – the people signing it had some sort of fantasy life about what President Obama ran on – which wasn’t what he did run on.

That’s not to say that the Right doesn’t have their fair share of nuts.

Tomorrow starts the court-martial of Lieutenant Colonel Terence Lakin.  For those who have never heard of this case (like the vast majority of people), he is a doctor who decided to join the birther movement.  On the advice of his attorney – another birther – he decided he wanted the President to  “prove to his satisfaction” that he was indeed born in this country.   As he put it, he “invited his court-martial,”  and disobeyed orders to report to his commanding officer, and then orders to report to Fort Campbell in preparation to deploying to Afghanistan.  The Army accepted his invitation, and yes, he’s being charged for “failure to obey a lawful order,” and “missing movement.”  In case you’re wondering, his commanding officer happens to be one of the (now) two people on active duty who wear the Medal of Honor.   But that’s not the fun part.  The court-martial looks to be attracting a squad of birthers.

With any luck, the trial will have cameras in the courtroom.  Mass entertainment like this doesn’t come along often.

Ah well, back to shoveling, and besides…



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4 responses to “Monday – Time to Look Around The Insane Asylum

  1. Aquagranny911

    Don’t know about you but I’m investing my hoard of pennies in nut butter futures!

    Enjoyed the diary ♥

    • Thanks. There’s times when I think we shouldn’t have closed the asylums, because obviously there are people who belong in them. Ah well, take the good with the bad, I guess.

  2. majii

    IMO, Alan Keyes should be ashamed of himself for the things he has said about, and done, to Obama. He and I are in the same age group which means that he also grew up under segregation in this country, and that he has firsthand knowledge of the fact that AAs have always been subjected to a closer examination than anyone else in this country, and that we’ve always had a different standard imposed upon us. He also knows that we’ve been the object of racism, prejudice, bigotry, stupid stereotypes, etc. He knows what it’s like to be treated unfairly/unjustly, yet he continues on his path toward portraying President Obama as “other” when he knows deep in his soul that it’s not true.

    I think his major motivation for joining the birther movement is jealousy and resentment since he lost a political contest to Obama in the past. He cloaks his birtherism in religion and his so-called Family Values when, in reality, they are non-existent. IIRC, he kicked his own daughter out of his home when he discovered that she was a lesbian. Keyes is not only an embarrassment to African Americans and other Americans, he’s an international embarrassment. I feel about him the same way I’ve always felt about Jesse Jackson–they’re both self-centered buttheads and hypocrites whose main focus is on self-promotion.

    As for the left-wing dittoheads and their petition, they can stuff it. Blackwaterdog has a post up that shows that @69% of those polled approve of the tax cut compromise. It is the frustrati, not President Obama and rational liberals, who are out of touch with what the American people want. They can keep screaming using all of the negative adjectives they can think of, but it won’t change the facts one iota.

    They can suck rotten eggs as far as I’m concerned, because they never had the stones to say what they say about GWB that they’re saying about Obama, and in my book, that makes them the worst kind of cowards. They act as if their votes alone elected Obama to the presidency, but that is another glaring example of their departure from reality.

    • Keyes didn’t just lose to Obama, he got hammered. The final result was 70% to 27%, which led a commentator to come up with the “27% crazification rule” – which is, that the percentage of the population who will do or believe crazy things is 27%. Even when he was running, Keyes was considered “batshit crazy,” and that was long before he decided that he was in the birther movement. Manning is pretty much cut from the same cloth – an AA, but batshit off-the-wall religious who has his own “church” belonging to no particular denomination that sort of waves in passing at Christianity.

      What’s always amusing (hey, I have a warped sense of humor) is that they attribute to Obama this vast capability to intimidate judges, and organize a vast conspiracy to hide his records and “true origins.” All of which would make you wonder why he hasn’t just used that enormous power to do what the “professional left” and frustrati want him to do.