Thinking about the Media and the “Professional Left”

Remember the good old days (OK, they weren’t always so good) when news was … news? These days, journalists use other methods of getting their information to report.

Which is why people are turning to other avenues for information

Because factual reporting and reasoned analysis based on those facts, from real experts, have been replaced by celebrity pundits who really don’t know what their talking about

So, I tend to take things they say with a grain of salt

But there are people who believe them

and love to parrot the same lines to “criticize” the President

They’re not hard to find

Despite that, I hope that they come to their senses

Particularly considering the alternative

And we know where that leads

And it’s not a good thing for you

We need reasoned discussion of actual issues

But if not, so be it.



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2 responses to “Thinking about the Media and the “Professional Left”

  1. majii


    The last pic sums it up perfectly!

    IOW, bye, bye, so long. It’s been good knowing ya!