Here we go again

TiMT over at The People’s View had a post up featuring Jane Hamsher, Adam Green, Rodger Hodge, and Ezra Klein giving their opinions on the President’s tax cut compromise.  After watching the three “Liberal voices” issue their “analysis” and talking points, and considering them carefully, one thing was clear to me.

Honest to god, if they don’t even know what’s actually in the damn thing why the hell are they considered “experts?”   I know they consider themselves spokespersons for the majority of liberal Democrats, representatives of a “base” of the party, all evidence to the contrary.   Yes, they’ve been out there telling everyone that, and there’s just one problem.

It turns out that, well, the vast majority of the Party is still standing behind the President, despite their efforts.  Most people regard the “pundits” as something annoying, and treat them like this:


They didn’t get the hint.  They keep on going, and it’s amazing at how often they go on television to miss the obvious points.


I do understand where you’re coming from

Yes, if I were them.. which I’m not …

Because I’m tired of listening to them.



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4 responses to “Here we go again

  1. Thanks for doing these LOLcat posts, there are some days (like today) when I really need the laugh.

    • Thanks for the comment! I could have done a wonderful, long, literary dissection of them – and I have on occasion here and elsewhere. But, then again, I spent my final time on Daily Kos hanging out only in the “Pootie & Woozle” community, so I’ve decided to break up my deadly serious stuff with these sorts of things Besides, it turns out they make the point pretty well. 🙂

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  3. Aquagranny911

    Thanks, Norwood!

    I’m having one of those ‘white nights’ when I can’t sleep. This diary gave me some great laughs but….

    “LSD makes penguins serve you lunch with Dick Van Dyke”


    I will be thinking about that…..