A Little Message For The Purists on the Left

Ah yes, the purists on the Left are going nuts over the President’s decision to make a deal on tax cuts.  Raging columns, letters, blog posts, and Twitter comments are being fired out all over, promising dire consequences for the President.

One can tell that the White House is quaking in terror over these attacks and the threatened consequences

Yes, you can see the President is deeply hurt by this criticism!

After reading a sampling of their screams of rage criticism, as well as what the deal actually does, I’ve come to a conclusion about the people who are screaming the loudest.

I say that after having looked at what the deal actually does, and because I also have a solid sense of what’s possible.   All the demands for standing firm, it’s the principle of the matter, and so on are great if you’re financially stable, you’re employed making some decent money,  and don’t have to worry about losing your job.   Standing on principle wouldn’t mean any sacrifice on my part!  But, since I live in a world where I know people who would be badly hurt by your standing on principle, it means that you’re

Because seriously, you need to get a grip!

and if you don’t, well then



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9 responses to “A Little Message For The Purists on the Left

  1. Suzanne Holland

    Amen amen amen!!!

  2. Dorothy Rissman

    Dogs are my favorite critters. thank

  3. Here’s something the purists on the left should be doing – calling their Senators RIGHT NOW about the DADT vote that is scheduled for tonight.

    Here are some key numbers we should all be calling:

    Olympia Snowe (Maine) – (202) 224-5344

    Susan Collins (Maine) – (202) 224-2523

    Scott Brown (Massachusetts) – (202) 224-4543

    George LeMieux (Florida) – (202) 224-3041

    George Voinovich (Ohio) – (202) 224-3353

    Jim Webb (Virginia) – (202)-224-4024

    Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) – (202) 224-6665

    John Ensign (Nevada) – (202) 224-6244

    Richard Lugar (Indiana) – (202) 224-4814

    Mark Kirk (Illinois) – (202) 224-2854


  4. kittypat

    Loved it, perfectly done NB! Made me crack a pretty big smile.

    And excellent action post thx to Winning Progressive.

  5. I can’t stop laughing! This is perfect! Or… purrfect!!!!

    Thank you for making a serious point with great humor.

  6. Starm

    Very Funny, wise use of humour

  7. That was a great and funny way to make your points. I’m still smiling….thanks