Some comment on today – a little different

Watching all the heads exploding around the Internet and various forums, I’ve come to a conclusion

Seriously, everyone hates taxes

And because we like those things, and we recognize that sometimes we have to compromise, we bite the bullet and do what’s best.

Because, after all, the price of not doing something can be high

and if you don’t get that, well….

I’d say something more, but you might not like it.

So just chill out!



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4 responses to “Some comment on today – a little different

  1. majii

    I don’t believe that those who are doing the screaming can calm down. That would mean that they’d have to do something constructive that could possibly help them get more of what they say they want. I applaud the president for speaking out about the purists today, and of course, it pissed them off. Their anger and name-calling were typical, and expected, reactions. After all, it’s what they do best.

    Thanks so much for providing a bit of sanity in the presence of such madness. I wandered over to DK for a bit earlier today, and what I saw going on there disgusted me. Coming here is refreshing and provides food for thought.

    • They’re busily screaming their fool heads off – I read the transcript of the press conference, and I read what he got in this. The only thing they’re having conniption fits about it is that they’re so locked into their purity, and he called them out on it. I’d recommend stopping by BlueWaveNews, we’re having a very nice discussion of it – and no, we’re not happy with the frustrati. Pragmatists recognize the inevitable and obvious when we see it.

    • fleetadmiralj

      I think it’s a bigger problem than that even. They were so used to screaming and complaining and bitching after 6 years of Bush (or at least, that’s how much of Bush’s administration dkos was around. some more some less) that they literally don’t know of any other way to operate.

      It’s scream at the people who aren’t doing exactly that they think should be done and…that’s it. They literally don’t know any other way to work I think.

      • I agree that it’s what they’re used to. What gets me is that they never got that it wasn’t effective. I’m willing to gripe, and yes, I do get angry at times, but then I get down to it and figure out how to fix it and get to work on that. They’d rather just sit and bitch.

        Oh, btw, did you get your invite?