To the Left Puritans – Grow Up!

There’s a diary over at Daily Kos which rather nicely crystallizes why I left there.  It’s not the only place, it’s been making the rounds on various of the “purity” sites as well.  Yes, they’re off in their own little fantasy world again.  You see, they’re making threats again, and if they don’t get their way (stomp, pout) they are going to primary President Obama.  Followed by a poll of who they think should do it.    Reality check time:   It isn’t going to happen.  All your potential candidates either aren’t going to run, or lost badly in their last election.   Hell, you people even mentioned Jimmy Carter.  It’s hilarious, really!  You know why I think it’s funny?  Because I voted in the 1980 election, that’s why.  Here’s a history lesson for you:  “progressives” (they were just called liberals back then) hated Jimmy Carter.  No, really, they did.  At the time they were all over Ted Kennedy when he ran against Carter in the primaries.  You might also want to note the results of that:  Kennedy lost, Carter lost the general election, and for the next 12 years, we had a Republican President.   Oh, and the party didn’t move to the left, either.    The lesson you should be (but won’t) draw from this?  Sitting Presidents don’t get primaried.  If they do, they don’t lose the primaries.   So President Obama is going to be the Democratic Party candidate in 2012.  It sucks to be you, but that’s what’s going to happen, and you might as well stop your asinine speculation and do something productive.

While you’re at it, you might want to stop shitting all over President Obama.  You’re not “criticizing” him, you’ve been attacking him since the day he took office.   Hey, I get it, really.  He’s black, and he’s not Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.  In case you missed it, and I know you have, he’s been doing an awful lot.  He got handed a country in very bad shape financially, and one that was in two wars.  That’s a lot on anyone’s plate, but if you didn’t bother to read what his platform was – what he said he was going to do – you may not realize he’s been doing what he said he was going to do.  Maybe not as fast as some would like, but he’s done more in the past two years than any president in history.   Not that you’re giving him any credit for that.    I’m sorry that the fantasy platform you think he ran on wasn’t the one he did run on, but that’s your problem, not his.   If you people had put the effort you’ve spent on attacking him into going after Republicans, we might actually still have a Democratic majority in the House.    If you’ve got a memory issue with what a Republican Congress means, you’re about to get a refresher course.  Come back at this time next year and tell me just how much better it is, hmm?

You’ve been acting like toddlers who are throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get your favorite treat.  In the adult world, we understand that serious change takes time – more than two years, and sometimes a generation or more.  We understand that we have to cooperate, and that sometimes we have to delay gratification to get what we want, or  to get something else.   We know we have to work within the rules, even if the rules aren’t to our liking.  We understand that sometimes priorities have to change because of circumstances.   We understand that great strides are made up of many small steps.   That’s what the adults know, and you’re not them.   It’s time – past time – for you people to grow the fuck up.  Because we’re trying to get things done, and your tantrums are distracting.



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  1. kittypat

    My new rule for the foot stampers and shriekers is this: If all you did this year was type criticism of the President on the internet and hyperventilate and run around with your hair on fire you are NOT allowed to complain. Try pushing yourself away from the safety of your keyboard and get off your duffs and pitch in.

    • Pretty much my reaction. The area next to me managed to elect a tea party favorite to Congress, so if they get (as expected) what they said they want, I’m just going to tell the complainers – which will be legion – you got what you wanted, so STFU.

  2. Dorothy Rissman

    Great Post ! I agree completely. “There are none so blind than those who refuse to see”

    • Thanks. Some of the other sites are nice about it. I’m more the sort that tries to be polite. As I pointed out to someone several years ago, there’s a difference between “nice” and “polite.” I’m generally polite, but that doesn’t mean I’m nice, as people find out when I stop being polite.

      • Dorothy Rissman

        I wish I could be more like you. I try very hard to be nice. Wait, about a month ago, a friend of mine who is uberprogressive was having dinner at our house. I spent an hour debating him about the “failure of the administration”. I think he felt I had won the heated debate. At the end of the conversation he said, I will vote for him but I will be holding my nose.
        Yikes, I hate the phrase.

  3. Suzanne Holland

    AMEN!!! Thank you!!!!

  4. TrumpDog

    Excellent, Norbrook!

    As I mentioned on deaniac’s site, these people are addicted to complaining. They are also purists that look for and find anything to complain about. They think they are holding the President’s feet to the fire but all they are really doing is piling on the bashfest. Critisism does not equal abuse, and that’s exactly how they are behaving with their namecalling and baseless ultimatums. Is it a wonder that the president does not listen to them? I mean, would you give a screaming toddler the time of day if they were throwing things at you, spitting and screaming on the floor?


    • kittypat

      Gibbs was right TrumpDog, I think that’s why the Professional Left came unglued after the criticism, because the truth hurts, hee, hee.

  5. sherijr

    I will be visiting your blog more frequently, thank you Norbrook, you certainly spoke to my thoughts. I’d like to post this onto my facebook page too.

  6. Eric

    As I have stated before, the poutrage crew is again writing checks there asses can’t cash! Norbrook, I really have come to the conclusion that these left puritains thrive on failure, they would rather have the Republicans in power: better to maintain their protest hustle.They have shown now and in the past that they don’t do governing any better than the Republicans. Even with their bullshit, the Republicans are a bit more honest about only wanting to be in control.

    • The only checks being cashed are the ones that Kos, Hamsher, Greenwald, and Huffington take to the bank as their little poutrage crew drives up the hits and the ad dollars. Oh, and gives them a chance to shill their latest book or ask for donations to their scampolitical action committee. In terms of actually accomplishing anything resembling their threats? Nada.

  7. Miao

    Thank you, from a former longtime DailyKos lurker.

    All the purists will never, ever, ever be happy with anything he does accomplish, because it will never be enough for them. They hold Obama to impossible ideals, and not only expect him to fail, but (I believe) wish for or will even help him to fail so that they can prove that he was the baaaad President they warned us all along he’d be.

    Like you’ve said, they’ve gone way beyond criticizing his failures, which assumes they still acknowledge his accomplishments, to full-blown GOP-style attacking him. What they forget is that he is not beholden to them and them only…he’s beholden to all Americans.

    • It helps to remember that most of the people who make up the frustrati were originally supporters of Edwards (Kos) or Clinton (Hamsher), along with some Naderites and backers of Kucinich. So there’s the residual PUMA attitude, a vindictive pleasure in “see, if you’d picked my candidate, everything would be wonderful!” Which of course, ignores the reality that Clinton was running on pretty much the same platform as Obama, and Edwards wasn’t the candidate they thought he was. There’s also a serious element of racism in it, denials to the contrary.

      They’ve been very good at deluding themselves. They think they’re a “majority” inside the party – a “base” – which polls show they’re not. Raw numbers alone show they’re a minority player both in terms of number and dollars. They believe that Obama ran on a platform they came up with, not the one he actually did. They believe that every Democratic member of Congress is going to do whatever he tells them to do – evidence to the contrary.

      What Kos, Hamsher, etc. are doing is much more cynical. They may actually be purists themselves, but by upping the ante on their sites, they increase their own cash flow, as well as enhance their book sales and media appearances as “representatives” of the left.

  8. Christin

    Hi – saw you link over at another site I just found out about. Wow. Whole big sane blog world out there.

    • Yes, there is a nice sane world out there. 🙂 You might want to check the other links on my blog roll, you’ll find that I try to link to the sane ones.

  9. Kos is just toxic now. All negative all the time…..I don’t go there anymore. And I feel much better. I like also The People’s Voice. Thanks for doing this Norwood. Reasonable is a word they don’t seem to understand over there.

  10. Mia

    Thanks, great post. You have expressed my sentiments exactly!!! Their toxic and hate-filled motives will be revealed. Many will realize that they were deceived. Keep on keeping on Mr. President!!!!

  11. DoctorDaddy

    Thank your honest and forthright assessment of the nabobs of negativism. Their fantasy world is as ridiculous as the right wing nut jobs.

  12. WIlliam in DC

    Go to 1:13 on the video:

    I’m not an Obama basher, but the GOP is poised for a victory on the tax issue. Whether it’s congress or OBama to blame we can debate. Curious Norbrook and other readers–do you feel the tax issue has been handled well and legislation that’s good policy will result?

    • I think the President has been very clear throughout on what he wants. He’s lobbied hard for it. The problem is, from the Congressional standpoint – or more properly, the Senate standpoint – the rules allow 41 Senators to block any action that 59 may approve. Now, what the current Republican senators are doing is trying to play chicken. They have a deadline as well – they know that if nothing happens, the tax rates go up, and while they’re going to try to spin it as “Obama’s fault” it ‘s going to be the Republican’s fault – which is how we should be spinning it now.

      The fact is, that Congress is not answerable to the President. As much as we might wish otherwise, nothing changes that fact. So, despite very clear public wishes, and I’m quite sure a lot of negotiation behind the scenes, there are still limits.

  13. WIlliam in DC

    But Norbook, the frustration is not that we don’t get everything. It’s that right off the bat we telegraph weakness and cede the high ground. I’m all about meeting in the middle, I know governing is different from campaigning. But meeting in the middle is not what has been happening. How have Republicans “come to the middle” on taxes?

    Why couldn’t Obama have frozen federal pay, and then publically wondered what the Republicans were willing to do to meet in the middle? If you think about it tax cuts being extended for the middle class is already not the default “professional left” position. Liberals are generally (there’s exceptions) fine if the taxes expire for all.

    Why not make extension conditional on an up-or-down vote on the debt ceiling?

    Why not fight and negotiate for that? The problem is losing everything and gaining nothing in return.

    Perhaps the problem is the Dem caucus themselves are too diverse to agree upon unified messaging, it appears some like Nelson and Manchin are actually closer to the GOP position on taxes.

    It is deeply frustating though, and you should at least see where the “professional left” is coming from . For many, it’s not an expectation that everything should be done RIGHT NOW. It’s frustration at seeing the GOP basically taunting Obama and Democrat Leadership–not only that, but getting a way with it, and still getting away with what THEY want.

    • OK, first off, the federal pay freeze is not up to the President. He’s announced he wants it, as part of his deficit reduction plan, but Congress has to approve it.

      As it turns out, after the hard positioning, Congress has decided to compromise, and yes, there are things in there we aren’t going to be happy with, but at the same time, you have Republicans scrambling as well. So, rather than try for a separate measure to extend the unemployment benefits, they’re now (and the President has demanded that) going to fold them into the tax bill with a one year extension for UI benefits.
      Moving towards compromise is on the way:

      Without action, however, Congress faced the prospect of letting the tax rates revert to higher pre-2001 and 2003 levels, and delivering a tax hike to all taxpayers. Negotiations between the Obama administration and a bipartisan group of lawmakers centered on a two-year extension of current rates.

      At the same time, Friday’s jump in the unemployment rate to 9.8 percent added pressure on Republicans to accede to President Barack Obama’s demand that Congress extend unemployment insurance for a year. A deal could be reached this week.

      In other words, the Republicans would like to hold that up, but they can’t. They realize what it means, and they’re not willing to go there, so they’re going to cave on that demand, in return the President will probably allow a 2 year extension on the tax cuts for the highest bracket. Is it great? No, but it’s workable.

      Now, there is a chance that the Senate Democrats will change the rules in the next Congress – they have a window in which to do it. Whether they will or not is up in the air. Yes, I realize that they GOP is taunting Obama, but the problem is that the current rules of the Senate – and the separation of powers – allow them to do that. As I said, I don’t have to like the rules, but those are the rules.

      The other thing is that it’s unrealistic to expect a broad-based party to have a monolithic response or the sort of partisan discipline. The Republicans didn’t get that way overnight, and the Democrats are a long way from anything like that. In the back of your mind, you seem to be expressing a wish for that, but at the same time, the “frustrati” have never demonstrated an ability – which the Tea Party and the social conservatives have – to successfully remove anyone who doesn’t meet their standards.