More random griping

I like it when I can take a vacation day and don’t have to work.  Normally, that is.  What I don’t like is having to do it because I spent the entire day waiting for repairmen to show up.   It’s been a nice day here, for a change – sunny, fairly warm (mid-50’s), just the sort of day that makes you want to go some places and do something.  Not hang around waiting for the furnace repair guys to show up – four hours after they were supposed to.  Look, I’ve been in a repair business.  I understand that things crop up, a service call takes a bit longer than you expected, or it’s a longer trip than you planned.  It’s happened to me.  Would it have killed you to call and let me know you were being delayed?   An hour or so late, I can understand.  Four hours late, not so much.  But at least the furnace works now.

The editor at the regional daily here needs to learn to put two and two together.  On the front page recently, the paper touted the receipt of federal funding to upgrade the local Amtrak railroad station and what it will do for the area.  Another story discussed attempts to get federal funds to extend and expand a rail line into one of the counties, and the economic benefits it’s expected to bring.   Then there’s his editorial saying that we need to cut federal spending, lower taxes, and stop pork.    I guess he either doesn’t read his own newspaper, or he hasn’t made the connection that those projects are likely to be the first to go.

For the amount we pay for cable, is it too much to ask that when it snows, one of your people goes out and sweeps off your satellite dishes?   It’s not major effort, really!

If I went by what was being highlighted on most of the Internet news sites this past week, I’d have assumed that the most pressing national issue around was Keith Olbermann’s suspension from MSNBC.  You’d never have guessed that the President was making a state visit to India.   Somehow, just call it a hunch, I think that the President’s trip was more important than a cable show’s host.

Which reminds me – I really miss the days when cable news networks showed … news.  As in actual information, and reporting.   What’s really sad is that I have to look at the BBC and Al Jazeera to find out the stuff that’s going on in this country, let alone the rest of the world.   Seriously, I don’t care what Bristol Palin is doing on “Dancing with the Stars.”  If I wanted to know, I’d watch the show.   I also don’t think it’s “news” that a new game controller is out.


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