Did I hit a nerve? Good!

One of the things I learned early on with this blog was to set the comments to “approval needed.”  That was mostly to keep out the large number of spam comments that seemed to get through various WordPress filters.   I get an e-mail when someone posts a comment, and since I do check that several times a day, it has the benefit of allowing me to see when someone comments without needing to check the blog.   This morning, I saw there was a rather nasty comment which someone had tried to post to my previous post here.  No, I didn’t allow it to go through untouched.

As I was doing that,  I saw there was a huge spike in traffic yesterday.  Considering that  “normal” runs around 25 hits per day,  with an occasional peak of 40, a jump to 172 hits stands out like a sore thumb.   Which is when I found out that Democratic Underground had apparently featured my blog post, and that it’s drawing a lot of comments over there.  Looking through them, I seems I hit a nerve with a number of them.  I’m “nasty,”  apparently leading one idiot over here to try to threaten me.

Let me make the point again.   For all the bitching and moaning various people on the left do about the administration “betraying” them, “selling out,” and whining about “hippie punching” when the administration, or other progressive bloggers,  call them on it, they don’t address the underlying problems.  They’re still in attack mode, and they aren’t doing what it takes to gain a seat as a political power.   Remember all the  promised “retribution” to “ConservaDems?”   How all of them were going to be primaried, and that they would by deity regret ever crossing the progressive netroots?  How did that work out?  I can look right down the way at two of them who, according to the blogs earlier this year, had big targets on their backs.   Yes indeed!  Except that neither one of them had a primary challenger.  Neither one of them seems to need you people in their re-election campaign, in fact, seem to be doing quite nicely in gaining re-election.   That turns out to be the usual case, when you look around the country.

Earlier this year, they were making a lot of noise.  They still are.  The problem is that they’re all noise, and no action.  They made a lot of threats, and they didn’t deliver on most of them.  I watched the Tea Party turn out candidates across the country to challenge almost every Republican who didn’t meet their notion of “purity.”  I watched a number of incumbents go down to defeat, while the rest were racing to get on the far right side.   When you looked at the other side of the aisle, at all the Democrats who had not met the  purity tests imposed by various of the loudest voices on the left, you saw …. not much.  The large number of progressive challengers, the mass turn-out of left voters that had been promised?  Nowhere to be found.

Which leads to their other problem.  You see, I don’t consider blogging to be a path to political influence, or as a sole means of political activism, but apparently they do.  It’s nice that people read my blog and all that, but I don’t for a second mistake that for having real “power” and “influence.”   That comes from my activities off the Internet.  Most of the party officials have never heard of you people, just as they’ve never heard of me as a blogger.  I guarantee you that the party officials and elected officials in my area have heard of me – and from me – in real life.  It’s not very exciting stuff.  It’s dull, boring, and frequently frustrating.    It’s a hell of a lot easier to sit down and whip out a blog post.  But you know what?   That dull, boring, show up and do work stuff actually gets me listened to by the party around here.  The blogging doesn’t.

There are a lot of people who have spent a great deal of time complaining they didn’t get their pony.  They’re ignoring that they’ve gotten a lot of things they did want, that this administration has done more in a shorter time than any other Democratic administration in history.  They’re ignoring  that significant changes have never, ever been easy, and that it’s always the result of a long series of “not perfect” steps.   Criticize?  Yes, absolutely.  But the way to do that is to say “needs more work,” and get busy,  not scream “fail!”, pitch a tantrum, and go home.     No, I don’t want to hear your tantrums.   That’s all they are – meaningless screams which don’t mean anything to the people in charge.   You’ve demonstrated you can’t be taken seriously by them.  Go sit in the corner until you learn to behave.



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4 responses to “Did I hit a nerve? Good!

  1. Eric

    This is what I don’t get: These folks who feel so ‘betrayed’ and dissapointed by the current administration have made repeated attacks on them since they took office,and when Gibbs and others call them out for their lack of political calculus, they holler like a bunch of hit dogs,”Hippie Punching” and all manner of bullshit. Do these people honestly believe they have some sort of right to just make ridiculous and personal attacks on the administration w/o some pushback!

    I’m gonna reiterate what Norbrook and others have stated: You 2 percenters are NOT THE BASE! You alone did NOT get President Obama elected, you played a part, but a very small part at that. The rally in Wisconsin, and today’s in Philly seemed to have a large number of folks who didn’t seem ‘exhausted’, neither were they ‘dissapointed’ with the president – unless y’all really believe they are just the mindless cultists you characterize them as being.

    • I often wonder if they were looking at the same candidate I was. I saw a somewhat left-of-center candidate, with a strong practical streak. I don’t know where they got the idea that he was really far to the left, unless they were channeling whatever the conservative media was saying.

      Just for kicks, people should look at the Obamameter which tracks the promises he made during the campaign, and whether he’s kept them. An astonishing number have been delivered, and most are in the works. Some, yes, he broke – a very small number, while others are stalled or he compromised on.

      So far, they’ve been like the kid who wants a pony, and when they get one, complain it’s not the right color, size, breed, and that the tack isn’t right. All of which ignores that they actually have a pony.

  2. Wow, that certainly did hit a nerve. They ended up having to lock the thread at DU. I think the thing that hit a little too close was that you took away the weapon they use to cover up their “can-dole-it-out-but-can’t-take-it” syndrome. Every time someone stands up to their loud whining, their response is “Oh you’re just punching hippies!!” You basically said to them, “Well, if that’s how you define hippie punching, get in line, I got some punching to do.” And so they lost their rhetorical device, to the point someone there claiming that your post was a threat of physical violence. I found that amusing.

    • I admit to having an immense amusement when I saw the whole thread. The only reason I knew that DU had that posting was because of that rude comment – which did threaten physical violence – which caused me to see that big traffic spike, and where it was coming from.

      If it got a few of them to think, so much the better. The odds are they’ll just pout a lot though.