It’s official – the Republican Party has lost its mind

Tuesday night as the primary results came in, there was a lot of coverage of the various Tea Party candidates who had upset “establishment” Republicans.   Which would be interesting, as a phenomenon, except that when you look at the candidates who won, you realized very quickly that they weren’t just far right, they were so far off to the right that they’d gone into insanity.

You have Christine O’Donnell – a woman who, over the years, has provided a wealth of quotes that demonstrate a lack of touch with reality, including the gem that scientists have created mice with human brains.  No, they haven’t, as a quick scan of any literature would show.   She joins Sharon Angle in Nevada as new favorite of humorists around the country.

It’s in New York that things really show how bad things are.  The Republican nominee for Governor?  Carl Paladino.  He has (so far):  Fathered a love child with an employee.  Sent racist and porn e-mails.  Made more than a few enemies with his off-color statements.   Decided that poor people need to be housed in prisons and made to work. He also just sent out 200,000 garbage scented mailers.  His plans for governing involve taking a baseball bat to various people.  Considering that this is the state that originated the “Rockefeller Republican” – fiscally conservative, socially moderate – and generallyRepublican office-holders in this state have been in that mold, it’s a rude shock to find someone like him actually winning.

Looking at this, there’s only one conclusion I can draw.  The Republicans have lost their minds.  I don’t know if was the shock of losing the White House, but the descent into sheer insanity that they seem to be taking is breathtaking.  There’s conservative and then there’s nutjob – and they’ve taken that leap.



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8 responses to “It’s official – the Republican Party has lost its mind

  1. Ain’t it great? We need to have free love, and open minds on all of our life in the USA. Pornography, tax evasion, and nepotism are not the private property of Democrats. So what’s the problem? It’s all relative anyway, don’t be so judgemental and set in old fashioned ways. This is the new millnenium! Anarachy is the answer, and the current executive has us halfway there!

  2. So you’re one of us! Greetings to the cause!

  3. Yes, though I think they officially lost their minds when they nominated Sarah Palin to be VP.

    • I thought that was more an indicator that McCain had lost his mind, not the entire party. Looking back, I realize that it was just one of the warning signs.

  4. The Republicans have made it official – they’re just as out of touch as the Dems are (though I will agree the Repubs show it better with these really nutty choices).

    • I’d say that the Democrats have managed to herd their wingnuts into the nice little rooms called Daily Kos and Firedoglake. 😛 The Republicans run them for office. I guess they lack a sense of shame.