The stupid are with us always

There’s a neat article over on Newsweek about the dumb things American’s believe.    A sampling:  1 out of 5 Americans think Obama is a Muslim.  Apparently the same people who didn’t quite remember the whole Reverend Wright flap during the campaign.    40% of Americans still believe that the healthcare reform bill has “death panels” in it.   It doesn’t.   In 2007, 41% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein was involved with 9/11.   Half of Americans believed that we found WMD’s in Iraq.    A quarter of Democrats in 2009 thought that Bush had something to do with 9/11.   20% of Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth.  1/3’rd of Americans don’t think that the First Amendment right to freedom of religion applies to extreme or fringe groups.   What’s not in the article is that 1 in 4 believe President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, a lot of people believe that vaccines cause autism, and  that climate change is a myth.

All of them are dumb.  Why?  Because they’re not true.  60% can’t identify the three branches of government.  It’s a sad commentary, and something that one would think in today’s information capability would have solved.  A quick search and the correct information pops up.  The problem is that most people like to believe what they hear, particularly if it’s repeated on mainstream media and it slots neatly into their personal beliefs.

Ignorance is different.  Everyone is ignorant about something, or even a lot of things.  It’s correctable.  You find out the facts, you learn something new, and you’re not ignorant anymore.  Stupid is when the facts are laid out for you, and you refuse to believe them.  Looking at those polls, it’s apparent that there’s a lot of it going around at the moment.  There have always been people like that, but it seems to be pretty rampant.  If you think I’m talking about you, well, if you believe anything in first paragraph and you haven’t changed your mind yet, then yes, yes I am.   I’d also like to talk to you about an economic opportunity.  You see, I’ve run into some financial trouble, and I need to sell off this old family property.  It’s got potential to be a moneymaker, and I’m absolutely certain you’re the right person to take advantage of this offer.



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5 responses to “The stupid are with us always

  1. WHAT? The Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth? But….but, I thought we were the center of the universe?

    Hmm…..that property deal sounds interesting, lets talk.
    lol….yes, I’ve read about those things as well and I have to sadly chuckle. It’s a shame really that we have so many in such confusion of the facts.

    Makes you wonder how we “advance” as a society doesn’t it?

    • Sometimes it seems like the attitude is “I know what I know, and don’t confuse me with facts!” Sometimes it’s amusing, sometimes it’s shocking, and other times it’s infuriating.

      For fun, you should check out NBC’s blog (on my blogroll) to see the contortions the birthers go through to “prove” their point.

  2. As I wrote once, lets just for arguments sake say that the birthers are right and he doesn’t meet the birth qualification to be President. Lets further suppose that it comes to light and he either resigns or is impeached.

    Now do we REALLY think all the bills he signed into law will suddenly go poof and be gone? I seriously doubt Congress (of any persuasion) would allow that due to the extreme turmoil it would cause. So what I personally think would occur is that there would be a bill passed and signed into law (quickly) affirming that all the bills Obama sign into law were lawful and enforceable.

    Now people may say the Repubs would want that to happen, but I’d personally bet that the deal would be that he goes without a fuss and fight if you’ll agree to helping get this passed asap.

    Just my thoughts anyway. The birthers need to see that logic and move on. Sheesh.

    • Birthers are a special kind of stupid. 🙂 Yes, they really believe that all those things will go “poof!” if that happens, and that there will be a new election. That none of those things would happen – that we’d have President Biden instead, and all laws signed, appointments made, and orders given would be valid – doesn’t enter into their thinking. It’s covered by the 12’th and 25’th Amendments. There is actually a well-defined principle in law, called the de facto officer doctrine. Since Obama was validly elected by the Electoral College, as certified by Congress, even if he was later found to be ineligible, he was still the President. That’s the only way it can work.

      Then again, that’s why they haven’t won a case yet. Because they keep going to the courts, and every single court has told them that they don’t have standing to bring the case, and even if they did, the courts couldn’t do anything about it. No court is going to overturn an election, and the Constitution is very clear that only Congress can remove a President. Which is why reading Orly Taitz’s filings is funny. Not only does she not understand the law, but she keeps going further into the crazy. Not many lawyers accuse a federal judge of treason when the judge is considering sanctions.