Why, yes! I DO think you’re stupid!

Over the years that I’ve been commenting on various things around the Internet, one “rejoinder” I’ve gotten a lot occasionally is “you must think I’m (we’re) stupid.”  The answer many times is quite frankly, yes.  I do.   What are some of the things that would cause me to consider you that way?

I think you’re stupid if:

  • You’re telling me you’re against government-run health care and you’re on Medicare or Medicaid.  They are government-run health care.   It’s true.  Don’t tell me that you paid taxes for it while you were working, either.  That’s not what’s paying for your benefits.  My taxes are.   The taxes  you paid helped pay  for your parents and their generation.   But, if you’re that concerned about future generations, why don’t you do us all a favor and pay for your own insurance?
  • You’re telling me that we should cut taxes without telling me just what services you want to do away with.   Or more frequently, screaming your head off when you get the tax cut you wanted and you find out you’re not getting a government service anymore.   It wasn’t “free,”  and if you’re calling yourself a “conservative” or “fiscally responsible” you should have realized that from the start.
  • You’re claiming to “defend” the Constitution, and it’s obvious you’re only defending a specific part of it.  The rest of it?  You’re ignoring that.  That particularly holds true of “Oathkeepers,” who seem to feel obligated to sign everything they write with their former rank in the military, and claim that because they took an oath on joining, it justifies their belief.  First off, the oath was for your time on active duty if you were enlisted – it wasn’t a lifetime commitment.  Second, you’re not in the military anymore and from all appearances, the service you were in is much better off with your absence.  Third, it’s just meaningless chest-beating that doesn’t intimidate anyone.  Finally, what most of you are preaching turns out to meet the definition of “sedition” – which, last time I looked, puts you in the category of “enemies foreign and domestic.”
  • You’re a birther.   Apparently the idea that a black man with a non-European name who also is a Democrat  was elected President disturbs you.  Get over it.  Yes, he was born in the United States.  You have no evidence to the contrary.  That’s why you’re batting zero in the courts.  That makes him a “natural born citizen” of this country.  The ever-shifting goalposts and conspiracy theories you come up with just demonstrate why I think you’re stupid.  You don’t like him?  Fine, vote him out in 2012.
  • You’re a “9-11 truther.”   I wasn’t all that fond of President Bush, but  I don’t think he hatched a plot to dive planes into the WTC and the Pentagon in order to kick off a war with Iraq.  For one thing, all the evidence points to what it was  – a terrorist attack.  For another, it would have required an incredible level of competence – which all evidence afterwards should have shown you was not his strong suit.
  • You’re “deeply concerned” about the impact of the  deficit on future generations, but you didn’t say a word about it when President Bush was running up a huge tab.   If that’s the case, then your “concern” is simply partisan politics, not a genuine belief.   Don’t expect me to take you seriously.
  • You’re demanding that the federal government should stay out of “state’s” business, or demanding a “small government,” then begging for the federal government to do something.  You’re trying to have your cake and eat it too.  It’s an either/or proposition.   If you want the federal government to help you, or do something about whatever disaster, etc., that means that the federal government needs the capability to do so.  Otherwise, it’s your state, do without or cough up the state taxes for it.
  • You’re ignoring all scientific evidence, and trying to force your belief on us as reality.  If you’re a climate change denier, creationist, anti-vaccines, against any GMO crops,  touting various medical “experts” who claim something is the cause of or cure for your problem,  you’re doing just that.  There is at best, little, but more usually  no evidence to back you up.  There is a huge amount of evidence to show you’re wrong.  Pulling things out of your ass and trying to present them as facts or “doubts” isn’t persuasive.
  • You’re trying to drum up opposition to some bill or government action, and it turns out that you haven’t the slightest clue about what the bill says, or what the action is about.  This was in big evidence during the healthcare debate – on both sides – and it’s continuing on through everything else.  I’m much easier to persuade when you make your case based on what the bill actually says or accurately describe what the government is proposing to do.  If a quick fact check shows you’re full of it, I’m not going to be persuaded – except to oppose you.
  • If you still believe that Sarah Palin was qualified to be Vice President, and that she’s a good choice for President in 2012.  Have you listened to what she says?  Really, you should.  It’s obvious the woman has all the intellectual firepower of a wet firecracker.  Even leaving that aside, it’s equally obvious that she’s lazy and has no perseverance.  She sloughed off her job when she was Governor, and quit the second she could.  These are not qualities one normally thinks of when you think of “who is qualified.”

Advocating any or all of these is a guarantee that I will think you’re stupid.   I used to assume that you were misinformed,  and that you just weren’t aware of the facts.  I may still even go that route.   If you’ve been shown the facts and you’re still ignoring evidence, then  you’re either a hypocrite; lying through your teeth; or just plain stupid.  Generally, I’m going to go with Occam’s Razor, and just say you’re stupid.


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