Remember the first thing first

There was a post a couple of weeks ago over at Blue Wave News that struck one of my nerves.  One of the first posts I made here detailed my own disillusionment with Daily Kos and a number of its front pagers, and this really hammered it home – again.

Honestly, I’ve never understood the inane spinning that Kos and some of the crew over there does when it comes to elections.   Kos and his staff make a big deal about Daily Kos being a leader in the progressive netroots movement.  They’ll pontificate endlessly about “progressive values,” and “moving the party to the left.”  They get all weak-kneed and gush over Sestak and Halter, because they’re challenging “conservadems.”   Then they turn around and gush even more about a conservative Republican potentially switching! Apparently they keep forgetting that there’s a good  progressive Democrat already running.

Apparently Kos can’t keep his own mission statement straight, or doesn’t believe it applies to him.  First and foremost, I belong to the Democratic Party. Second, I support progressive policies, and work to get candidates to run who support them as well. But when all the selection process and primaries are over, I remember that I am a Democrat.   I went through this last year with the NY-23 election, and it’s something that pisses me off about Kos.  He’s doesn’t remember that.


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