They’re not listening, because all you do is scream

I recently made a pass-through of a site I don’t have much to do with anymore – Daily Kos. A candidate for Senate had posted a diary, and it made the Rec List.   All well and good, right?  Well, not really.  Instead of taking the opportunity to engage the candidate (a current member of the House of Representatives) with thoughtful questions about his positions,   and what he hoped to accomplish in the Senate, he was met with a flood of rants, diatribes, and attacks.  It was so bad that someone else actually wrote a later diary apologizing for the behavior of the community.       The sad part is that someone felt that it was necessary.

I  used to hear a lot of complaining from various “names” over there that elected officials didn’t come there and engage them.  They moan about being “ignored” and “not being paid attention to.”    Having seen this happen on several occasions,  it’s obvious why they don’t.  All you do is scream at them.  You’re not interested in a thoughtful debate.  You just want to post a rant, so that everyone else  knows just how “pure” you are.  You don’t want to listen.   You don’t want to persuade.  All you want is to yell and demand.

That’s why no one is paying attention to you.  Because they already know that you’re a pack of raving lunatics who are not interested in what they have to say.  It’s much better to focus on the ones who are going to listen – and you’re not them.  It’s one of several reasons why I left.    Your mind’s made up, and confusing you with facts or different options is not something you tolerate.   Well, get used to be ignored, because most people aren’t going to tolerate your behavior either.


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