With friends like you – who needs enemies?

There’s a big effort now by Organizing For America and Democracy For America to have people call their representatives, and push to have the healthcare reform bill passed by the House.    That’s all well and good, and necessary.  What has really irritated me though, is the leeching onto the effort by a group of people from FireDogLake (FDL).  Why would this bother me?  Because they were the biggest screamers about the current bill, and made an enormous stink to try to kill the bill.    I’m not the only one who noticed it:

Wait just a sec
Weren’t you one of the ones screeching that no bill was better than the bill coming through?

Seriously, you’ve lost me. I don’t think of you as having any relevancy on health care, much like FDL.

and right below it:

It seems almost kind of self-serving to be calling for the bill to be rescued at this late date when it is all but dead, when these were the same people screaming for it to die (even though they realistically knew that politically that was the best bill possible at the time). Now that it looks like they are likely to get their wish, they are here trying to save face. I don’t want it to be that way, but that’s what it looks like.

That sums up my opinion.  I covered some of that “change of heart”  in an earlier post.   One of the main reasons this bill has had so much difficulty in getting through Congress is not simply the result of obstruction by Republicans and the noise made by the teabaggers on the right –  it’s that a small group on the Left has done their level best to kill it as well.  Led by a group of factually-challenged activists whose main ability was to promote themselves as “experts”, they  hijacked the discussion on many places.  The amount of noise they made, the media attention they tried to grab,  made it extremely difficult to get facts  out and any pragmatic action taken.   Attacking all who disagreed with them, they earned the name “firebaggers” – the teabaggers of the Left.

Their bluff was called.  The stark reality that their “all or nothing” ploy was going to result in nothing, that what they’d advocated for was going to come to pass, set in.  With that, the blowback.  Who was going to get the blame the failure to pass any legislation going to be pinned on?  Who was going to take the fall for any Democratic losses in the fall elections?  The Firebaggers.  That’s why they suddenly shifted gears.  It’s  a blatantly hypocritical attempt to try to avoid  taking responsibility.    It’s a way of attempting to deflect examination of their true goals, and that they didn’t have a plan.  They’re just noisy incompetents masquerading as “activists.”  With “friends” like these, the Democratic Party doesn’t need enemies.


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