PUMA Take Two

Back in the 2008 primaries, as it became clearer and clearer that nominee was going to be Barack Obama, there were a group of Hillary Clinton supporters who vowed to never support him.  Disappointed that their candidate wasn’t going to be the nominee, some of them endorsed John McCain or a third-party candidate.  Anyone but Obama.  They were horribly, terribly disappointed by the Democratic Party.  They earned a nickname:  PUMA’s.  It’s an acronym for “Party Unity, My Ass.”     They had a tendency to go over-the-top about it, and received a lot of derision from various Democratic and progressive blogs.  “Whiners,” “sore losers,”  were just the printable ones.   Many pointed out that the Republican Party was against the very things their candidate had supported, and that working against the Party just meant that they were hurting themselves.

As is often the case, history is repeating itself.  As the healthcare bill was winding its way through a messy legislative process, many of the same “progressive” blogs that had derided the PUMAs suddenly became PUMA’s.  You see, they weren’t getting their way.  Congress wasn’t passing their ideal legislation.  Screams of outrage followed, along with threats of not voting,  promises to leave the Democratic Party, and detailing why it would be a good thing if the Republicans won elections.  One so-called progressive, Jane Hamsher, even allied with the ultra-conservative Grover Norquist to promote this agenda.

Their massive poutrage has made them the very people they used to deride.  They’re PUMA’s:  The Next Generation.  Another group who’s quite willing to torch the one party that stands a chance of implementing any of their agenda items, simply because they didn’t get their way this time.    I have another name for them:  Spoiled brats.


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