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Mid-Week Musing

As the long-term readers here are aware, I become scarce about this time of year, and remain that way until November.    My work takes me out into the field for the next several months, and my time, opportunity, and inclination to write blog posts takes a major hit.   A week from now, that cycle is going to start again.  Besides the usual workload, I am once again breaking in a new assistant, which means even less time.  Now, on to the other stuff.

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A Zoo Or Park Is Not Nature

Recently the state environmental department announced plans to control an introduced species, which is on the verge of becoming seriously invasive.   In the areas where it’s currently established itself, it caused serious damage wetland and aquatic plants, has displaced – and often attacks – native species, created public health hazards, and injuries to the public.  Once confined to a relatively small area of the state in limited numbers, over the past few years it has spread to new areas, and numbers are increasing.  The state plans to reduce this population in the wild to zero over the next ten years.  Pretty open and shut, right?  Not really, since all such plans have a “public comment period” attached to them, and there’s a good percentage of people against it.

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Some Things Don’t Change … Unfortunately

I wrote this post almost 4 years ago, and decided to update it in light of the failure to pass extended unemployment benefits.

I’ve spent a while reading statements from various right-wing politicians – Rand Paul being one of the more prominent – that extended unemployment benefits are a bad thing.  You see they may increase the deficit, and (gasp!) they may cause people to put off taking low-level, low-paid jobs!  There seems to be two major core assumptions:  That the extension of the benefits decreases people’s willingness to look for work; and that there are plenty of jobs available, if only those lazy unemployed would just take them.  To back up their case, they’ll come up with an apocryphal business owner whose minimum wage jobs are just going begging, because the unemployed won’t take them.

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Seriously, Republicans, Can You Be ANY Dumber?

Late yesterday, it was announced that a deal had been struck between Iran, the United States, and 5 other world powers to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the White House, the deal stipulates that Iran will commit to halt uranium enrichment above 5 percent and also to neutralize its stockpile of near-20 percent enriched uranium. The Islamic Republic has also committed to halt progress on its enrichment capacity. Iran will also halt work at its plutonium reactor and provide access to nuclear inspectors.

In exchange, the United States and its allies have agreed to offer Iran “modest relief” from economic sanctions and access to a portion of the revenue that the country has been denied through these sanctions. No new sanctions will be imposed, Obama said.

It’s a first step, and more will need to be done, but it’s a breakthrough after a very long time.  Then the Republicans had to chime in.

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And More Failures!!!

One of the things I’ve been seeing in the news media, particularly stoked by various conservatives, is that the problems with the Healthcare.gov website means that the Affordable Care Act is bad.  Obviously, one is the same as the other, or at least they’d like you to think so.  One is a website, the other is a law.  But since it’s tough – you know, to report real facts – to grasp, particularly when your level of understanding of technology amounts to “press button, get a cookie!”, they’d rather just keep going with that.  In an effort to be helpful, I thought I’d give them some more examples they can use for their “total failure” conflation.

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