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A Zoo Or Park Is Not Nature

Recently the state environmental department announced plans to control an introduced species, which is on the verge of becoming seriously invasive.   In the areas where it’s currently established itself, it caused serious damage wetland and aquatic plants, has displaced – and often attacks – native species, created public health hazards, and injuries to the public.  Once confined to a relatively small area of the state in limited numbers, over the past few years it has spread to new areas, and numbers are increasing.  The state plans to reduce this population in the wild to zero over the next ten years.  Pretty open and shut, right?  Not really, since all such plans have a “public comment period” attached to them, and there’s a good percentage of people against it.

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Politics 101 For The Left, Revisited

Milt Shook over at Please Cut The Crap has a great post up titled “10 Things All Progressives Should Understand for 2014 and Beyond.”   I strongly recommend reading it. It’s  common sense, pragmatic, and straightforward.   In that vein, I’m revamping a post that was part of a series back at the end of 2011, the “Politics for the Far Left” series.   I’m doing that not (just) because I’m lazy, but because I’m seeing many of the same … idiotic … statements reappearing that I saw back then that caused me to write it in the first place.  Continue reading


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The Importance Of “A Bench” – A Political Lesson

Yesterday was sad news here for Democrats in New York’s 21’st District:  Congressman Bill Owens has decided not to run.

U.S. Rep. Bill Owens, a Plattsburgh Democrat who was first elected in 2009, abruptly said he will not seek re-election in November to the 21st Congressional District, sending North Country Democrats scrambling to find a successor less two months before ballot petitioning begins.

It’s a little frustrating that he waited this long to make the decision, but the “scrambling” is something that demonstrates why local and other elections are important.

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Well, Yes, I’m Disappointed!

Spandan C over at The People’s View has an great post up about “liberals” disappointment in President Obama.  It’s a brutal takedown of Liz Halloran’s NPR posting about how Obama spent the year “disappointing the liberal base.”  It’s a laundry list of what he hasn’t done, which supposedly he should have accomplished despite having to deal with all the other “minor issues” like government shutdowns, international crises, among other issues.  It’s not the only one like that, a quick look at around various professional liberals show a remarkable similarity along the same lines   What it gives me is a sense of deja vu, mostly because I’ve seen exactly the same complaints before.

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4 Years, 487 Posts Later

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog, although the “first post” came about a week later.  As the title shows, I’ve averaged a post every three days, although a look at the archives by month would show a rather large jump in productivity during some months compared to others.  This year was probably the one where I turned out the fewest postings, for a number of reasons.

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