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You Could Pay A Little Attention

I’d like to start off this post with a little confession:  I am often “out of the loop” when it comes to local and state politics.   Ask me about something the town, county, or state is considering doing, or what’s going on in the local party, and I may give you a blank look.  Embarrassing, I know, since I’m considered to be a fairly well-informed political blogger, but there it is.  It’s not on purpose, it’s just a function of my job.  When you spend 6 months of the year “out in the middle of nowhere,” it’s not conducive to keeping up with what’s going on.  During the rest of the year I get back into it, and yes, I do pay attention.  It’s just during that gap (which also accounts for my lack of blog posts) that I’m going to be relatively “clueless.”   Having said that, there are times when I see something that makes me wonder “Just where have you been?”

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Friday – It’s Been A Long Week (Updated)

I just did a quick check of the news, and there’s been another shooting incident.   This one is particularly horrific, it was in an elementary school in Connecticut.  There’s still a lot of things to clear up, but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing of these.   What makes it worse is that I know, within a few days, that Wayne LaPierre is going to issue a statement out of NRA headquarters that will be just as stupid as his other ones.  Update:  20 children dead, 6 adults, and the shooter.  Other updates at the end of the post.

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Weekend Musing

Here’s a satellite view of one of the most densely populated areas of the country.    It has a population density of 27,532 people per square mile.   In contrast, here’s a satellite view of one of the least densely populated areas.  It has a population density of around 3 people per square mile. The first is racially and ethnically diverse, and strongly Democratic, the latter is racially and ethnically homogeneous, and strongly Republican. The interesting thing? They’re both part of the same state.

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Parks In New York: Good and Bad News

Spring has arrived, at least officially, which means that soon the state parks will start getting ready for the summer season.   There’s a certain rhythm to it.  As the snow melts, staffs will be fanning out, tallying up the winter damage and making plans.  Applications for seasonal staff will be reviewed, and people hired.   As opening day gets closer, clean-up will start, facilities will be opened, and everyone gets ready for the arrival of park visitors.    That’s the “normal,” but the past few years have been anything but normal.  Budgets and staffs were cut, parks and campgrounds were announced as closed, and an overall sense of uncertainty reigned as political battles were fought over the parks.

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Republicans forget history again: Why we need the EPA

One of the more disturbing things I’ve been seeing out of the new Congress, and in speeches at CPAC have been the assaults on environmental legislation.  Newt Gingrich said he wants to “eliminate the EPA.”  Darrell Issa blames it for “killing job creation.”   Yes, it’s apparent that they don’t like environmental rules.  After all, if they weren’t in place, like in the “good old days,” we’d have lots of manufacturing and energy jobs!   Of course, they really expect – or are paid to expect – that businesses will be careful without them!   Which shows that they have no sense of history, or are willfully ignoring it.   Those of us who live near former manufacturing centers have a different perspective on that.

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