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Mid-Week Musing

As the long-term readers here are aware, I become scarce about this time of year, and remain that way until November.    My work takes me out into the field for the next several months, and my time, opportunity, and inclination to write blog posts takes a major hit.   A week from now, that cycle is going to start again.  Besides the usual workload, I am once again breaking in a new assistant, which means even less time.  Now, on to the other stuff.

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Politics 101 For The Left, Revisited

Milt Shook over at Please Cut The Crap has a great post up titled “10 Things All Progressives Should Understand for 2014 and Beyond.”   I strongly recommend reading it. It’s  common sense, pragmatic, and straightforward.   In that vein, I’m revamping a post that was part of a series back at the end of 2011, the “Politics for the Far Left” series.   I’m doing that not (just) because I’m lazy, but because I’m seeing many of the same … idiotic … statements reappearing that I saw back then that caused me to write it in the first place.  Continue reading


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Reality And Faith

As I’ve stated in the past, I’m a pragmatic liberal.  Some of that pragmatism comes from my experiences in various situations, while the rest of it comes from my background in science.   Get involved in enough projects that end up being of the “up to your ass in alligators” type, finding out that the plans you were given won’t work or don’t do what they were supposed to,  and you become a fan of “what works.”  From the sciences, it was the times spent coming up with a great hypothesis, only to have the actual experimental data totally destroy it.   The result is that I tend to be not quite cynical, but definitely willing to question things.  I want to see the data, and I want to see if or how something works.  If the data doesn’t back it up, or it’s not working, I’m willing to chuck it and go with something else.  The opposite to that is … faith.

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Well, I Told You So!

There was an op-ed this weekend from the authors of the GOP’s “Growth and Opportunity Project”  which amounted to a large amount of text patting themselves (and the Party) over it after a year.  “It’s going so well!” is the general gist.

While the report provided recommendations on what the party at large needed to do, we’re pleased to see that the RNC has made tremendous progress on many of our recommendations in the course of the past year. Likewise, many of the other party committees and outside groups have also embraced aspects of the report and should be commended for their progress.

Which would be nice, except for a little problem.  None of the policy recommendations in that report have been acted upon, in fact, mostly put into the dumpster.

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Pain Is Educational

I’ve been interested in history for a good part of my life.  Besides taking history courses in school and reading on my own, there were also history lessons imbedded in many of my other classes.  That’s why I understand that regulations are necessary.  There were reasons we have antitrust acts.  There were reasons why we regulate food, drugs, and cosmetics.  There were reasons we have banking and financial regulations.  There were reasons why we have environmental regulations. There were reasons we have building codes, fire regulations, occupational safety regulations, and a host of others.  The reasons?   Large numbers of very painful lessons that were taught before those regulations came to be.

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